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Dianabolan or Dianabol


I am 18 and lifting for mass i was wondering which is mor powerful dianabol or dianabolan for what i understand dianabolan is legal and dianabol is not guys at my highschool us dianabol (d-bol) which should i start using.

Im just wondering which would be best to gain lean mass.....
will the legal dianabolan work as good...
my pecs arnt getting built on top just the bottom can someone help me with that to...


incline press a lot more, eat, and you should be fine.


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well im going to do it no matter what i mean you are right about that i was just wondering which to take and which is all and all better i could get t-500 for 200$ for a 10 week cycle but i dont wanna go that far yet i just want to put maybe 20 pounds of muscle on quicker than i could naturally

oh my pecs look weird as hell huge on the bottom and small on top thats one reason for the d-bol question i want it leveled out


So you came here to ask for advice, Bush Boy gave you said advice rather bluntly, and you are just going to do what you want anyway. You admit he is right, that an 18 year has no need for steroid type assistance but you are going to do it anyway.

I used to wonder why all the vets on this board got sick of the threads where someone young or lazy asks a question just to hear the answer they want. I'm no longer wondering....


w/e man. take dbol, eat like a horse and workout like a madman. best of luck with your pecs. oh ya, a just "oral" stack is retarded in my opinion. buy some pct that will work with dbol and pray to god you dont get gyno. i like nolva but thats me. i have a quick question for you.

do you know how to tell a good batch of dbol from a bad one? sounds like someone can sell you anything, tell you the gains will be huge and you will buy it. i hope im wrong. this is if you are going to listen to me and get dbol...


I wonder if this is a good way to get such people to reconsider:

Ok, at 18, with the knowledge of steroids that you have, you'll most likely either get:

Bitch Tits (gyno or gynomastia)

And after you stop your "cycle" you'll probibly:

Loose most of what you got
get so damn lazy
get fatter
not be able to jack off of have sex

and this all will last for a couple months at least.

Finally, if you decide to use injectable steroids (at your current knowledge level) you have the chance of:

Getting an infection from a dirty needle or dirty skin
hitting a nerve and being in pain, or killing the nerve and all that is connected to it
waist your steroids because you didn't put it in the right place

If you don't use injectable steroids:

you might not make as much progress as you would have


You'll probibly end up wasting your money
especially so because you don't know how to spot fakes


my buddies have been using test for about 2 months and gained alot they said they could get dbol for me if i didnt want test so i figure dbol would be safer than 1500mg of test a week like there doing they are however getting huge and im still average


where's the "banned" function when you need it!


I went to school with a few guys trying to get big quick...it def. works, they got pretty fat and puffy real quick, then lost most if not all muscle gained....but the good news is theres a good chance youll keep a few pounds of fat.... best of luck


in all honesty i figured a web site with a forum called steroids would have people on steroids and could tell me some facts like muscle gain and how bad my liver would rote

anyways the topic is dianabolan or dianabol i was manly wanting to know if dianabolan is pretty good or if its a cheap crappy knock off im wanting more strength to start fighting in a club up town and i just want to gain around 25lbs before the middle of the summer so i can go into the 160 class and being bigger will help
another thing is i want to know what the best legal lean mass builder is and i figured a bunch of guys sitting around could help all i see is a bunch of old farts that look down on younger guys like me sorry i asked for advice


Sounds like someone's pussy hurts today.


ok, since your an under "160 smartass" the best legal lean mass builder is called "PROTEIN" and since your so small why dont you just eat 4000 calories of essential food. whats so hard about this? are you sure your ready for aas? seems like your the little moody kid who needs a good slap and you still wont get the idea. take the risk by all means, youll just return back and ask us why am i feeling like this or why do i have boobs now? how can i get rid of this fat? look at it this way, at least your not under 100. be thankful someone up there has given you an oppurtinity to get bigger. for christ sake take care of your body im not sure you know this but things can go WRONG.


I don't get why anyone that is young(under 23) would state their age when asking about steroids. You gotta know that you are not gonna get answers and most likely get flamed.


im 18 a smartass and i want some lean mass. i havent got but 3 good answers to my question good coments here and there but i wanna know what is the quickest way to beef up i dont care if some is fat hell ill just get some phena for that if i get to big ok here are some things ive done and do i have boxed fought in a octagon style wring played football and was on a wrestling team. Im pretty strong and quick i just want the mass besides protein hell i eat about 5 protein bars a day 30g each thats alot and it does work good and im on the mass cycle from gnc anavol aminovol and T3 wich has got my arms really tight and cut just not bigger it did however put an inch on my chest kinda happy about that but tell me from your all's experience what is a good alternitive to steroids other than lift and eat. Some product some pill something that i dont know already


Some product called "pill-something"?

Are you really this all-Christing stupid? Fuck off, sack up, go to the grocery store, and lift some fucking weights.

My sincerest wish is that we could forward these posts along to your daddy so he could beat the living shit out of you.

Don't breed.


If you take D bol you will die... my friend from the gym did.


Well instead of flaming you newbie18, according to what you are asking Im sure your diet is not up to par. Even if you do any steroids your diet comes first and if you arent consuming 4000 calories or more you're not gonna reach no 20 lbs you think you can achieve with dbol.

If you knew anything about dbol whatever weight you gain is mainly water and as soon you come off of it you will basically lose just about all of it which is why steroid users dont use dbol by itself. They use it as a kickstart in their cycle because they stack it with test and testosterone takes time to kick in.

You say your upper pecs dont look right well if you do more research incline bench press is what really defines your pecs. If you choose not to do it which a lot of people do because its a lot harder than flat simply because they never do it then of course they will have an underdeveloped chest.

My suggestion to you is if you are really serious then eat right meaning consume at least 4000 calories a day and you will definitely see yourself gain weight. Do more research on steroids if thats your direction because you have no clue about them. You are better off than taking these prohormones or other supplements sayin they can do steroid like effects.

Just my .2 cents


this is the best response ive got so far thanks i am eating alot of calories a day and gaining about 2lbs a week of fat on my stomach which all i work on is arms and traps the part were you said it was a starter for the better test products ive thought of that may be in about a month of doing that but i guess i will not do them and just bust my ass like i have been

thanks man honestly this is the best response everyone else have been not all that good at telling me stuff there were maybe 2-3 peoples i actually reread but your is the best thanks


You ONLY work your arms and traps?!?! Dude, for real? You need to learn how to lift first.