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Dianabol Without an Rx


I am not even considering taking steroids at this age,but we like to freak out pharmacist and record them by asking them to give us steroids.Anyways the usual response is a hysterical scream followed by an hour long moralistic bullshitry.

Anyways this time a fifty-something woman just gave them to me,more exactly 10 tablets of 5mg dianabol,for 70 cents.She didnt even looked surprised and for fucks sake I am 16 and at most i can look like 18...WTF????


careful - it might be a sting by the cops, sounds to good to be true


btw i have everything recorded but its in Albanian and you wouldn't understand a word..


I live in southern Europe ,cops dont give a fuck about anabolics here,srsly,but pharmacist and doctors never give them to ya...




last photo..


Yeah pharmacists have very strict rules to abide by. She would lose her license very quickly if any pharmacy board found out about this. Is there a expiry date at least on them?


Didn't get to read you are from Europe.


yeah i live in albania ,near Greece and Italy..yeah she would so be fucked if anyone found out,yeah they have it they expire in august 2011,I think they've produced in 2008..


Sweet! Are you living in Albania? Je shjiptar (sp)?


you sir, are no fuzzy apple. In fact, you are the exact opposite of a fuzzy apple. I demand an avatar change


yeah jam shqiptar,how do you know albanian?where are you from?


I live in Ohio, USA, and left Albania when I was 4. Babi im esht nga Lushnja ethe mami eshte nga Prenas. Kam harruar shum nga gjuha, which you can tell from my bad grammar and spelling.


Dude you don't make a lot of mistakes you've retained a lot from the language considering you left when you were 4...awesomeee...There aren't many Albanians in these forums..:D//Une jetoj ne Tirane dhe quhet yteti i mamit tend Prrenjas :stuck_out_tongue: :P..


Are there any other Albanians on these forums? I'm surprised there's 2! Thanks for telling me I'm not butchering the language completely, but I need the practice. Yeah, Prrenjas is what I meant. Un skam visitur(?) tek shqiperia per 11 vjetch (jam 18). Ka shum bodybuilders ose pesha (gyms) tek Tirane?


There are a lot of big guys in here,ok not a lot but there are a few dedicated lifters,the actual albanian champion is a huge guy,also i must point out that there are a lot more big guys in Kosovo.

Also I really dislike the pussyfiation of the Albanian youth,c'mon I am the biggest in my highschool,most guys are a bunch of skinnyfat pussies.But those who are big are very fucking strong.

BTW eshte vizituar dhe gyms ne shqip eshte palester dhe perdoret lidheza ne tirane jo tek tirane :smiley: :)...anyways I am excited about this dboll shit.....


Don't get too excited. Aside from the fact you are only 16, 50mg is only 1-2 days worth.


dude i spend 20 times that a day to drink coffee before and after school.Plus as i said I am not going to use it.


macedonia ftw!


back to the dbol now//...