Dianabol - Water Retention?

Hi all
Google is a great research tool. But then the myriad of conflicting opinions and advice can really confuse a person.
Dianabol - some love it, some hate it. But when i read about Water Retention - people make it sound like a person is going to become Violet Beauregarde overnight and not be able to open their eyes due to the sheer amount of water retention.
So is this an exaggeration?
I cant find online a picture of someone before cycle and then during to be able to get an idea of what people mean by “blowing up like a balloon”.

Can anyone make it more simple? Less Bro talk about balloons and actually show me what is to be expected?

Am considering a test base (i blast and cruise on Test) and then 30-50mg Dbol for 4 weeks.

I love the analogy/imagery. Its not that bad especially in moderate doses. I don’t have pictures but it happened to be one of my favorite orals when I was still taking orals. You will get a bit of retention and what we call ‘moon face’.

At 30 you will have less noticeable retention than 50mg and above. Dianbol aromatizes so while a test base isn’t necessary its always adivsable. Keeping orals to 4-6 weeks is smart.


The first AAS that I took was Dianabol. I started in the very early 1970’s taking 10mg per day. (We did not take testosterone in those days.) As the years went on, my typical cycle was 15mg per day of Dianabol for 8 weeks. Then off cycle for 6 to 8 weeks, and back on cycle.

These doses seem very light by today’s standards. Some on T Nation believe that Dianabol was better in the early years. Do know that the Dianabol I used most was the one made by CIBA, which had the patent on Dianabol. I even bought a light blue T-shit and wrote “CIBA” on it with a magic marker.

As to the water retention. I never noticed much, but, yet there was a little. And maybe my low dosage caused less water retention. (I didn’t add 200mg/wk testosterone to my cycles until 1978, then I noticed a marked improvement.)


Just going to chime in that it is hard to know how much water you will hold on a given dose as that aspect seems fairly individual. I don’t bloat much, I haven’t taken dianabol, but I have taken moderate dosages of Test without an AI (650 mg/wk), and didn’t notice much bloat at all. Then we have guys taking 350 mg/wk come here and complain about all the bloating they are experiencing. Same thing with gyno, some are pretty resistant and some take 350 mg/wk and have issues.

Thanks guys
Its encouraging to get honest reviews.
Im not prone to gyno, nor bloating. Havent felt any on my test cycles.
More interested in it for its strength properties, to blast through some of my PR’s

Just didnt want to be rolled down the street to work like a big ball. Lol.

Well… No… Because as you said - depends from person to person and seeing pictures of another person does not privide you with an information that might be simmilar to your case in any way. You basically understood everything already.

Its ok, the other guys have cleared it up nicely. Thanks anyway.

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This is how much I took when I tried it. Only tried it once

VERY effective, but gave me awful heartburn.

Wasnt a fan of the water retention/thick look, but gave amazing endurance and strength gains.

I could hit the gym for 2 hours then run 5km immediately afterwards.