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Dianabol vs Winstrol, mg per mg

Resident gurus, this one is for you. Which is the more powerful muscle builder mg per mg Dianabol or Winstrol (orally). How does either compare to testosterone mg/mg?

I would have to say stanozolol. For overall weight gain, D Ball

For pure size, Dianabol works for everyone. Winstrol seems to be a different matter all together. Some people experience incredible gains, others see nothing. I really couldn’t compare either with the testosterones, as it depends on the individual’s goals, health concerns, and drug affinity.

Of course dbol is a better oral. Oral Winstrol is kinda weak. Put it this way, women can take oral winny.

Yes, Dave, women do take winny, but at ridiculously low dosages. This has no bearing on a mg per mg comparison, i.e. 100mg per day of winny, vs the same amount of dbol. We’re talking muscle building here, not just overall weight gain.

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I hate it when you guys say “Dbol is better…”.
How many have you have ever taken 25-50mg of Winny per
day alone in order to make the comparison? Stop talking
out yer asses :slight_smile:


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I agree with Brock. People should stop yelling out popular lines unless they at least have a shread of evidence to back up what they’re saying. Bodybuilding is full of popular slogans with very little to back up their claims. I for one don’t have any scientific research to back up my knowledge on this topic but I do have first hand experience. A year ago I took 50 mg’s of dbol a day alone for 6 weeks and gained 20 lbs. I think 10-12 pounds of this lean mass. After two months I had kept 7 pounds. This summer I took 50 mg’s of winstrol a day alone for 8 weeks and gained 21 pounds. Of this, I would say that just about the entire 21 pounds was lean mass. After two months I had kept 18 pounds. I realize I was on the winstrol for 2 weeks longer but I still beleive that the winstrol is a much more powerful muscle builder. Dbol may make you heavier but so much of the gain is water and so much is lost after you end the cycle that its just not the same as the kind and amount of lean mass you build on winnie. Thats my experience.


Again from a personal point of view i’d have to say winny has more tissue building potential than D-bol ,people get confused with how much weight they put on while on a cycle water fat watever , the real issue is how much tissue or muscle you build and how much you keep post cycle ,so in the long term illd go for winny any day but if you want impress someone with how much size you can put on in a few weeks go for the Dbol.

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I’ll back my statement up. Over the past ten years, I’ve tried winstrol three seperate times. It had ZERO effect on me. However, several of my friends, using the same dosage and same product, recieved significant gains. I’ve met other people who have had similar experiences with winstrol. So, as I said in my post, it all depends on the individual. For me, dianabol is better than winstrol. For you, winstrol might be the better choice. Actually, I wouldn’t choose either of them.

How did you spread out your dosing while on the oral winny’s? Also what workout did you follow and what kind of diet were you doing? I would really appreciate it. Does the oral winny’s have any side effects at that dose? Thanks, jason.

Hey, Brock, let me ask you this, who can afford to take 50mg of winstrol a day? I can get winny tabs for 2 bucks each. So for 25 bucks a day you can try out winny! Or you could buy dbol, I can get Thai anabol, 1000 for about 300 bucks. That equals to about 30 cents a pill. Which is more cost effective? I am not doubting 50mg of winstrol is more effective at building muscle tissue than 50mg of dbol but I am just wishing I had the money to see myself!

A 30ml vial of 50mg/ml(cc) is about $300-350. Try it(50mg) every m/w/f for 10 wks and then see. Results are undeniable and lasting! If you added 150mg of test prop or even better yet suspension for the first 3 wks then you wouldn’t even bother with d. This is not to say that D doesn’t have a place at the table. Endogenous cortisol suppression is superior when taking d. Limit the about of breakdown and that ends up being positive gains! I read that Win is the most active steriod of them all. It might have been Win metabolites though.


I split my dosages into 10 mg splits. Basically I took 10 mg’s (5 tabs) every couple of hours while i was awake. My workouts remained the same as they are now. I like to go heavy and my routine revolves around the big 5 exercises. I prefer short and brutal workouts and I always try to stay above 90% of my 1 RM. I do 1-2 sets per exercise and 3-4 exercises per body part. I like to keep it simple and hardcore. While on the winnie I upped my protein intake to 2.5 / pound. I also took in lots of EFA’s while keeping my carbs med-low except after my workout. Hope that helps.

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