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Dianabol Stacking

I’m pretty much a newbie. I’ve done only two small cycles previously. The first was three weeks of Deca at 200mg/week, which I gained 8 pounds. The second was a three week cycle with dianabol at 10mg/day, which I gained 5 pounds. Previously to these cycles, I had worked out strait for about two years. My question is, is there anyway for me to stack dianabol with another oral that will give me some size and hardness without it being to stressful on the liver. I also know that the dosages I took before are low, so any help with the dosages will be appreciated. Age-22 Ht-5’8 Wt-165 Bf-12% I eat at least 4 times daily and work each body part directly once a week. My goal is 185lbs at 8 to 10% body fat. Please help.

First off you aren’t eating enough. At 4x’s per day there is no way you are getting enough protein. I suggest you add one or two meals in there, which could come from a meal replacement. Make sure you are getting at least 185g of protein per day if that is what you want to weigh. On the other issue, if your not in too much of a hurry and you are still making consistent gains with low doses why up the anny and risk increased side effects? I bet by adding a couple of meals you will start seeing results anyway. But if you are looking for an oral which will not strain the liver too much than Primobolan Acetate tabs are really the only ones out there. They arent very strong on their own but with Dbol they might add a little something.