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Dianabol Question

Hi, I recently got 200 5 mg dianabol pills. (anabol brand name, small pink pills) The person I got them from told me to take 2 in the morning and 2 before working out for 25 days each cycle. Before starting the cycle I have been researching on the internet about possible side effects. I’ve read about how once you stop the cycle, the muscle can go away and you can have high estrogen levels. Any tips about if I should take anti-estrogen supplements and if so, which ones? Also, should those be taken during the cycle or just afterwards?
Thanks in advance.

Bro, you need to do more research.
But to answer your question, dianabol should be taken throughout the day, preferably every 4 hrs. to keep blood levels stable, and depending on the dose you may need to take an aromatase inhibitor during the cycle such as letrozole and most definitely take an anti-e post cycle. Do yourself a favor and don’t rush it.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I definately am not going to be taking anything before I know a lot more about it. I have a cycle of NO2 I’m going to take before I touch the dianabol. So, what exactly is aromatase? Just water retention? Also, should d-bol be taken post-workout too?

Thanks for the help.

I have another beginner’s question. This may sound stupid, but I want to know as much as I can before I start a cycle. I’ve heard people argue that after you end a cycle you lose all (or most of) your gains anyways. I know that gains can be lost due to increased estrogen levels and that there are compounds you can take to combat E levels. This being said, if I were to gain say 20lbs of muscle off one cycle and took an anti-estrogen after the cycle, about what amount of that would be a normal amount to retain?

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-steroid newbie thread

-steroids for dummies

read these thoroughly. then use the search engine to look up the following:

-the S files (brian batcheldor)
-the steroid manifesto
-Juicer’s SAT
-Cy-BORG articles
-PCT (post cycle therapy)

that is all. good luck.

Thanks a lot for the info, bro. I’ll look up/research what you guys told me and probably come back with a couple questions. I definately don’t want to start a cycle until I know exactly what I’m doing and what to expect.
Thanks again…