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Dianabol Powder


I have seen a price for 10 grams of dianabol powder at about 25 english pounds including delivery. This is very cheap as i understand. I have to pay by western union money transfer which i don't know how to do, but more to the point is this safe? Is it likely to be fake gear? I've worked out this much would last me ages, so it just seems so cheap. Also any hints on measuring doses?


Is this stuff from roids-r-us.com?


I doubt someone would counterfeit powder, as there isn't as much profit to be made, plus it's less popular. Measuring doses: get a scale to at least .1g accuracy. Your best bet for processing it is to get ethanol (everclear, grain alcohol, etc.) and dissolve the powder. You can get 50mg/ml very easily. Bottle in the same or similar bottles that those research chem companies use.

Anything would work, but if it isn't sealed the alcohol will evaporate. You can also use an oral suspension vehicle like OraPlus, but it helps to have a mortar and pestle with this stuff. Or, get a capping machine and some caps. Mix the dbol powder with something like baking soda or corn starch in the proper ratio to get the desired mg/cap, though I'm not about to try to type out how to do that.

You should be able to find it online fairly easily. I would advise against measuring out each dose, as each dose will have some variability to it, unless you get a really accurate scale, which would cost quite a bit of money.


Good call. I purchased a capping machine a few weeks ago in case I came across a good winstrol, turinabol, or dianabol source. It's not difficult at all to find the step-by-step directions to capping your own orals. Not to mention it's incredibly inexpensive.


25pounds for 10gram dbol powder is still quite expensive.


25 BP for 10g works out to 200 50mg doses for around 50 USD I don't know where you get dbol cheaper than that ....maybe SDI labs


So how bout it?


Which is why I sent him a PM warning him that is probably BS


Back in the day I got 20g of dbol powder for something like $60 or $100, can't remember. Of course these prices now wouldn't necessarily be accurate, given the circumstances. Though this would be 10g for $50. Again, not likely at this point in time, but is it worth $50 for you to find out? That's up to you.

EDIT: After checking, I actually paid $44 for 20g dbol, which is $.11 per 50mg.


The mod-factor is the reason I use mass PMs for the "sensitive" information.


If the source is from powder and has relationship with "life extensionists" then it's a bogus site and they ripped me off with fake var powder 4 years ago in spain.

Better get the pink thais or the russian ones. However IMO Test is the best!


Mind you, "back in the day" for Schwarzenegger was 1963.

I think the ice cream truck carried dbol back then.


It's not that expensive with all the recent problems in china. I assume the company starts with an "A". Should be fine.