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Dianabol or Deca/Sustanon Cycle for Best Gains?

okay, so little introduction about me. Am 21 years old, 5’8, and 71 kgs. i lifted around 2 months now and gained around 5 kg’s. i know this means that i don’t have much lifting history or build enough base muscle. i get it so don’t fixate on that. i’ve done my research enough. now after making the decision to do steroids i happen to find deca and sustanon 250. originally i wanted to run 2 cycles of dianabol with best combo. but it turns out its very hard get dianabol. the reason why i chose dianabol is cuz around february am visiting this girl i really like and i don’t wanna look like a wimp. so here is my question. is running deca/sustanon cycle as good as dianabol? is it as fast? or is it the same? will i gain as much as i would with dianabol? or should i wait and look harder for dbol? is yes, why? and what can i achieve with deca/sustanon cycle?

my goal btw is ( https://imgur.com/a/1PJzEqr ) but after the summer i’d run more cycles to get to something like zac efron. just to up the ancy

thanks alot guys (in advance)

Flame fest in 3…2…1…


No, no, no,no!!! I never chime in on these horrible first cycle questions cause I’m in the middle of my first cycle as well, but this is the worst idea I’ve seen on this forum. Do you know how to use google?

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Well there’s serious potential risks to anabolic androgenic steroid use, mostly involving the heart, so you need to be aware of the potential of developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, cardiac fibrosis and all that jazz. 5,8 and 71kg isn’t big, you wouldn’t even stand out in a room of normal people and you can def still make significant gains naturally, hell I have higher stats then you and I have chronic pain! What concerns me most though is the motivation to cycle and the compounds of choice, firstly, nandrolone is notorious for causing erectile dysfunction, why would you take nandrolone if you want to have sex with this girl… it’s not a risk I’d take that’s for sure… and nandrolone appears to be more implicated in cardiotoxicity than other AAS, Secondly, if you go see this girl after a cycle during PCT, you’ll be shut down and potentially uninterested in sex. Thirdly, using anabolic steroids to gain some mass to impress a single girl is stupid, if you can’t get this girl because you don’t have enough muscle mass then is she REALLY the type of girl you want, and if you can’t muster up the courage to ask her out without muscle mass then you need to work on your self worth/confidence, not use steroids. FOURTH, you’ve been lifting for two fucking months man, get some patient, you haven’t even tapped out you’re noob gains, you can probably (no joke) make almost the amount of gains that a guy at his genetic potential could make on a test only cycle in the same frame of time, enjoy the quick adaptation/ gains progress while you can. I get the whole self esteem/ego boost, but given you’re young age, the risk to benefit ratio and reasoning for cycling, I’d assume most members on this forum will give you a hard no and will be reluctant to help you because you’re making a shitty decision (although many teenagers/ young adults make shitty decisions). Why would you even take DBOL at all on a first cycle, testosterone itself is the king of all anabolic steroids.

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In my opinion i wouldn’t use gear at 21, you don’t want to mess up your natural T level so soon but who am I to tell you to not use gear. I really think you should milk your linear gains for longer and taking steroids after 2 months of lifting isn’t going to show you your natural potential. But most importantly make your own decisions.

you have no idea how much i appreciate you man. but to clarify. the motive isn’t really her. i was planning to do cycles anyways but the fact i will be travelling around february means i can’t be on gear. so the sole reason for coming here was to 1, generally find more information on whether my first cycle should be the deca/sustanon or dianabol with another combination. 2 any advice from the bro’s here on their experience and tips. 3, is deca/sustanon as effective as dianabol? also my cousin did 2 cycles of dianabol at 19 and he seems to be fine so far and even kept most of his gains. which is sorta why i discarded the ‘‘age factor’’ cuz am most likely gonna run 3 cycles at most. and i get what you mean about the girl thing. but were already dating And she definitely couldn’t give one more fuck about looks. matter of fact when we were dating all her celebrity crushes were kpop singers so a wild guess here is maybe the opposite of jacked guy is what she’s into hahaha. and trust me i never had confidence issues/egotistic ones. i am student of psychology so i am well aware of the problem with reasoning in doing things like steroids. but i travel often whether it’d be with my mom or my own reason, this means my diet is been fucked mostly. And i wanted to run gear at some point. was just thinking whether i could fit some decent gains and in short period. 1 cycle. and in order to do that would dianabol be the best? or deca/sustanon cuz thats what this guy am buying from suggesting. thanks alot. look forward to your reply

why is that? despite my reasoning. is the bad thing running deca with sustanon? or my age and reasoning. also first cycle questions are always bad as it is the person seeking out answer which they don’t have the answer to. this means the questions will be bad ones too. this is due to steroids being illegal, bros at gym being too high and mighty to admit their on it and general lack of coverage. am sorry but cycle are you on? what do you suggest?

also am educating myself on all this since its all new to me. is deca as good as gaining mass as dbol? is running deca with sustanon good stack cuz it has been suggested to me. and in my age should just run one steroid? and still make massive gains?

i think you should definitely run deca. probably don’t even need to run the test with it.


i thought that too at first too. but i found out from research (sorry if its wrong) that when you take steroids they make ur body anabolic. this leads to massive gains in muscle but after getting off. you lose 1, anything steroids gave you that were over your genetic potential/limit. 2, around 30 percent of your remaining gains due to your natural T being low since testosterone is needed to keep muscle, if your lucky. and ran a good PCT. how ever, it can be skip to start and can take you to place you work from instead of zero.

is it as good or better than dbol? which is more impressive is gaining mass?

if we’re talking about penis mass, definitely deca.

Had you done any research at all you would know these three things that capture everything that is wrong with your post

  1. Everyone will say test only for first cycle. You will have no idea of how you react to either compound and therefore won’t know which compound might cause sides you’ll experience.
  2. You haven’t trained for any length of time. AAS should be used when you’ve reached or are close to your genetic limit. You still have a long way to go.
  3. Your body isn’t even finished developing itself at 21. 25-30 at the earliest.

Not to mention you have nothing on PCT, and your wanting to do this to jump in the sack with some girl who will be totally impressed by your “physique“. It’s a freaking mess from every angle.

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I believe he was being sarcastic. You come in here pretending you have done enough research and you have barely any experience lifting/training/working out.

Why not just explain your situation, then ask for help. Stop being a pretender. No one has ever done ENOUGH research. There is always something else.

What about your current blood work? What about PCT? What about side effects? Can you distinguish between high E2 and low E2? What is your diet like?

Are you injecting IM , subQ or intravenously?

Your statements are only true if the Deca is injected straight into the shaft of the penis. Erect or soft doesnt matter. Make sure you are telling all of the secrets of Deca.

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i wasn’t being sarcastic. trust me. am literally explaining myself and seeking help. when it comes to pct. i was thinking tamoxifen only. since its my cycle. on blood work, i haven’t figured that out. but since i haven’t used any steroids before i didnt think i had to do it ahead. but rather after i get on it. i hear people say ''if you on steroids you should run blood work 3 or 4 times a year. not ahead.

What would you compare Blood results to after you used gear? If you dont have a baseline then there is nothing to compare to.

Thought you did your research.

you guys are putting way too much effort into this. too much explaining.

i’m not saying the world would be better off if he can’t get his dick up. He should be spreading his genetics, increasing the population. I’m obviously trying to help with that.

Anyway. Deca all the way bro. it’s the only way to get huge. as much as you can drink in one glass.

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i understand. to confirm those issues.

1: i did hear that test only but i figured i do a dbol. cuz since i hear about dbol alot i
thought it was more androgenic = more and massive gains. and since i wanted
to do only at best 3 cycles a life times why not gain as much as possible.
2: what would happened i did before i reached my genetic potential.
3: will it be really bad at my age. what are are potential risks?

my PCT would depend on my stack and cycle i believe. and since i haven’t chose cycle yet. but for deca i was told tamoxifen.

obviously from this. not enough research. how ever luckily. i was informed. thanks so much. thats one more mistake i wont make. as for the deca injected to the dick. sarcasm? cuz i think thats bit too much.

and as for one thing i still haven’t figured out. is running deca/sustanon together a thing and when it comes to gains is as good or better than dbol?

There is studies done backed by research that direct injections into the shaft resulted in the growth on average 2 inches in the penis.