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Dianabol Only Cycle Question

Im being honest with you all when I tell you that im a wannabe steroid user. Ive been reading about roids for about a year now and just to tell the whole thing I'm also currently reading a book about roids by Charles e.Yesalis...

Im concerned about health risks involved by using AAS. Im mainly posting to have that second opinion cuz I know that there are some good experienced users posting on these boards. Im sure that such persons can give much better help than most websites on the net (Ive read so much bs....sincerely T-mag rules) so please be kind and reply. I'll VERY appriciate that you do so as I DO take my time to read and HAVE BEEN and I AM STILL doing my research.

I tried to figure out what was the bs info and what was not by my own and came up with the following cycle. Now to keep things short remember that this cycle is for a first time user so its very 'basic', so to say. I didn't choose an injectible (say sustanon) because i don't have acess to those.

Week 1- 20mg dianabol
Week 2- 30mg dianabol
Week 3- 40mg dianabol
Week 4- 30mg dianabol
Week 5- 20mg dianabol
Week 6- 100mg clomid
Week 7- 50mg clomid
Week 8- 50mg clomid

Ok, its a very straight forward cycle, no other type I roids and the like. But again this is for a new aspirant user (me).

Basically all I wanted to question is this. for a first time user, is this a decent novice cycle? What about clomid therapy-are the doses above enough or nolva would be better in preventing estrogenic effects if so, what dose would you reccommend?

And most importantly, have you kept most or part of the gains on such/similar first time cycle?

Thank you very much in advance for any replies. T-mag rules :slightly_smiling:



If your so concerned with sides, why are you choosing d-bol? What you suggested is a bad cycle. I think you should get back to the drawing board. Come on man, pyramiding your dosage? I doubt you've been researching for a year. About 5 minutes on this site and you would know that that pyramiding is a dead practice.


Before I give any advice on an aas cycle, I need to know your stats, training experience,etc.



although i don't personally like the idea of d-bol only cycles.....if i was to do one it would be 3 weeks of 50 mg ED. still not worth it IMO.


i'll second what juice20jd said.

if you want to do an oral only cycle with a good retention of gains, research Turanobol (with Proviron)....i've hgeard some very good things about this combo for the less experienced AAS user...


juice, cyco, believe it or not, for a newbie a dianabol only regimen will deliver good results. I am speaking from personal experience here as my first cycle consisted of 30mg dianabol/d for 5 weeks. I put on ~10lbs lbm. Cy Willson has also written on several occasions that test and dbol are the only 2 aas that can effectively be used as stand alones.




what did you use as an anti-e with that, and waht was you PCT? did you retain all of your gains? i think d-bol works well...but for some it seems like they blow up too fast (maybe it works too well), and for whatever reason (no anti-estroegns, poor PCT), they don't seem to retain much...


i think your personal experience with d-bol only is most likely not the norm. i do however believe that a short d-bol cycle could be effective as long as the dosage is aggressive, and i could see how a total newb may be able to retain some decent gains......i'm just not sold on the idea based on my own d-bol experiences. still think test is the best option for a stand alone.


Bump for MK,
i have the same questions. interested.



i?m very interested in trying out turanabol, though i haven?t thought about stacking it with proviron. what are the advantages of doing so? i?m trying to find more information regarding turinabol on the internet, but there don?t seem to be a lot of info out there although OT must be one of the most thoroughly researched steroids out there because of it?s extensive use in the gdr. do you happen to know where i could find more info on OT? thanks!


Im 165 cm tall, weigh 78 kgs, 18 years old. Im about 20% bodyfat right now. Been tarining for about a year and a half seriously. Again im stressing on the fact that im an 'aspirant' user.Im planning to do this cycle when im 20. Now most of ya will be asking " Why the hell he's planning his cycle this early?" Ive recently known from a friend of mine that this place-a pharmacy-where im going to get my d-bols probably won't be doing business for that long because of, trumpets law enforcement problems :(.

I can get blue dianabols with the heart imprinted on them or the more common pink hexagon ones. 500 dianabols will cost me like 20 bucks. Ain't bullshitting, and good stuff. The same friend that i was talking about did a cycle similar to this with blue dianabols. he got them for the same price from the same place im talking about. Unfortunatley he didin't use any anti-estrogens.When I asked him if he did he didn't even know what anti-e's where!

Its been five months now, probaby he retained like 10 lbs of muscle (couldn't belive either). I'll be posting a pic of mine, this is like a month and a half old. I weighed 76kgs, probably with slightly less fat.

Ah and thanks for the responses. Glad you're helping a newbie.


20 is still pretty young to be thinking about AAS.


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juice,cyco, bbb, You guys all correct w/ statements about the role that genetics plays w/ aas results. I was about 218lbs. @7% fat, 20yrs when I ran this and my anti-e was 10mg nolvadex/d. I finished the cycle ~230 @7%fat and after 4 weeks of clomid therapy at 100mg/d I weighed in at 228 and same bodyfat.
Now, for the poster of the thread, I don't think you are ready for aas...at least not right now. YOur bodyfat is way too high for something like dianabol--you'll end up looking like the michellin man, lol



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hehe i agree. I think for know i'd better rely on something like HOT-ROX. Ill consider buying one and give it a try. 10x for the help :slight_smile:


How tall were/are you?


6-1 bro, I'd post pics from my last show, but try to keep a low profile w/ this game...I could probably email them to bro's I know.