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Dianabol & Injury Recovery (Prolpased Discs)

Ive been diagnosed with 3 prolapsed discs & a mate offered me some D-Bol if it will help repair it. Ive done some searching & it appears it may do so as it has collagen increasing properties. Any thoughts?

I had no desire to use but right now, all my goals are on hold til i get this fixed…

Many AAS do have collagen healing properties - and i am only mildly educated in this so will give my opinion - but i would like to see BBB fill you in on the whole picture.

IIRC prolopsed discs are not a problem that increased collagenesis(sp?) will rectify.
You have had the ‘pulpy’, mushy inside of the vertebral discs squeezed out - most commonly anteriorally or posteriorally from hyper extension or flexion of the trunk. Bulging discs are painful and problematic - however prolapsed discs are more serious.

A bulging disc is akin to squeezing a brand new tube of toothpaste, while it is sealed. The tube will change shape but you can manipulate the paste (pulp) back into the correct position.
A prolapsed disc is akin to squeezing the same toothpaste tube while it is open. The pulp (paste) will come out, and once it does it is impossible for it to go back in.
After time the pulp will dry and crumple, giving zero protection between the vertebrae.

I personally can not see how a collagen production increasing(via fibroblasts is it?) could rectify this problem at the stage it is at.

I may be wrong however, but that is what i have been taught.


Really appreciate mate, thanks.