Dianabol Help

I am planning on my first cyc only d-bol @15mg per day for 10weeksand with a liver support(milkthisthle) and also can I use Arbuterol during this cyc? Is my cycle ok or 10weeks is hard on liver? And should I need a PCT to keep my giains max ? If so what should I take ??
And does it show on any kind of urine test???
Even after 6months??

Stats: 183cms, 170lbs

So many problems…

Before suggesting a cycle for you can you tell us how old you are, what your training is like, what your goals are? This would be helpful but regardless I wouldn’t start this cycle. Also inform us of the reason for your urine test question. You should probably do a little more research as well. You have shown that you at least have a small understanding of what you are attempting to do asking about PCT and using milk thistle but you have a lot more you can learn on your own. You are best to come as prepared as possible lest you get flamed.

Dbol will clear the body in around 2 months. What kind of test are you going to have to take?

As for the cycle…it’s bad.

The answer is no to this entire thread

that is genuinely the worst cycle idea I’ve ever heard.