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Dianabol Help


can someone write me a schedule for 60 tablet 230mg for dianabol plz.. i do have a pct dont worry.. plz? just scedule workout for 5 times a weeks saturday and sunday off...


Just what PCT are you running?

Any AI's during cycle?

What ancillaries?

What the hell does "60 tablet 230mg" mean?




Training age?


Shoe size?

Cycle History?

What are your goals?


first time cycle mabey 10 pounds 5"4" 107pnds 21 yrs old.. pct nolvadex


Well since you put sooo much effort into your posts (and obviously your training and nutrition based on your stats) I'd love to help you come up with a schedu.....

Get the hell out of here with this shit. This is by far the worst post of the year.

You are worse than the guys who havent done their homework and ask for advice assuming we owe it to them. You are outright asking someone to do the necessary research for you. You came to the wrong place if you think people are going to design a cycle for someone that has not given anything to forum.


Do you suppose you should start with gaining some weight naturally? 107lbs is a little on the light side. I know lots of kids think this shit will somehow make them big and bulked, but as small as you are right now you could probably benefit from having a high calorie diet first and see where that gets you.

Why did you all of the sudden choose to go with Dbol anyways. Also as stated before what did you mean by "60 tabs 230mg"?


Would you like fries with that? Maybe a beer?


come on guys its a troll, but really dude on this part of the forum?? your a F@#$in idiot... go to RMP or something jesus.


funny.. but thnks for the help.. ill just do it on my own and ill see how it all works out.. and if I gain a lot I will come back and say fuck u guys.. and u will be the ones who look stupid.. but thanks anyways..


Ha, well then your not invited to my birthday party!!!

Fucking child.


whatever u say.. can I ask this at least? when the best time to take the nolvadex? with dbol or after? or does it matter?


You should crush them all up and take them nasally. Works like a charm, builds strong lungs too.


thnks for being serious guys.. only one guy was serious.. thnks.. appreciate it..




dynamo hum thanking.. everyone else.. go to hell..


Funny how none of these people are around anymore.




Please do.

Post a before pic. A pic on the last day of the cycle. And one more taken 1 month after you finish PCT.


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His screen name, in not-actually-extant Japanese, means, basically, a story made up to get a laugh. So, yeah, the guy is a troll, as if that was not blatantly obvious in his first post.