Dianabol First Cycle

Ok, i’m 19 years old and i’ve already made the conscious decision so i’m not looking to try to be talked out etc, I’d just like to know what side-effects i’m likely to feel being on 10-20mg a day for 4-6 weeks and if a dosage this low will likely cause long term damages.

Having struggled with depression in the past, will this be something i’ll have to take into account? Any answers much appreciated.

Oral-only cycles aren’t advised. You’ll suppress your natural testosterone and you won’t keep gains made. At any age it’s a bad idea.

No one can answer that as the amount and severity of side effects one will experience on which drug at what doses is very individual. A dbol only cycle isnt a good idea, and I don’t know why so many teenagers who hop on/ want to hop on go for dbol only cycles. I disagree with the notion of “oh a dbol only cycle won’t get you any gains”, because it will, however the amount of muscle mass you can realistically gain in 4 weeks isn’t much, the majority of you’re gains will be glycogen, sodium and water retention.

When taking dbol, you’ll shut down your endogenous testosterone production, when you come off dbol (and while you’re on dbol) you will have around castrate levels of testosterone. The idea that you won’t make gains because you shut down you’re testosterone isn’t true though, as when you take testosterone you do exactly the same thing, and for a brief time post cycle on test you’ll also have castrate levels of T. However if you’re prone to depression, having castrate levels of testosterone will make it a whole lot worse, when on dbol you’ll have castrate levels of testosterone, and while the DBOL may compensate somewhat, it lacks the adequate characteristics to be suitable for androgen replacement, therefore you’ll still likely feel slightly off.

You aren’t trying to be talked out, sure, but I hope you’re well aware of the risks that can arise from AAS use long term. One short dbol cycle probably won’t do any long term harm, the only real risk you’ve got of long term damage from this cycle is not bouncing back and requiring TRT for the rest of you’re life, or if you have an undiagnosed heart defect you could be looking at trouble… Or if you’re unlucky you’re liver could fail, but that’s extremely unlikely. That being said long term AAS use has risks aside from the permenant need to be on TRT, you need to educate yourself very well before you decide whether long term use is the path you want to go down

Why do you even want to use AAS, let alone DBOL in the first place, how long have you been training for? What are you’re stats?

That small dosage wont cause any effects. You should double it. You def dont need to listen to what these old geezers try to tell you. Its all bro science.

Make sure you have plenty of Ai. Need like a gram a week. Keep us updated how you doing

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Recommendation for if i react badly? Just have nolvadex on hand and immediately stop?

This is just wicked.


Is Tamoxifen you’re PCT? If so then yea if you react badly just stop, I should warn you SERMS like Tamoxifen aren’t inherently risk free either, think of all the case reports of ocular toxicity and even ocular nerve DAMAGE from both Clomid and nolvadex, granted clomiphene is riskier, they (SERMS) haven’t been studied much with regard to use in men. Interestingly, Tamoxifen itself isn’t what makes it so effective, Tamoxifen is a prodrug yeetflorp, it’s metabolites work by binding to the estrogen receptors in tissues that are sensitive to the effects of estrogen (like the boobies for instance), hence why it’s used for estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.

I’d reccomend you don’t take dbol…

Be careful mate for anastrazole the lethal dose in rats is greater than 100mg/kg, if we equate that to HED and the lethal dose is the equivilant for humans as it is for rats and OP actually takes you’re advice and takes a gram of AI he could die.

Hahahhaha just kidding, but ya never know

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Too many kids coming in thinking they know everything and don’t want other opinions unless they align with their own. So, I will try to help them. I mean really, what could you old farts know about using gear, am i right.

To be honest, these forums should ban posts that start off with anything about age lower than 21. I just picked that arbitrarily, should be more like 25.


lol You son of gun, I started believing you until you said you were kidding. I was about to open up a google page and search that. Good one, ya got me.

Actually the lethal dose for adex in rats is 100mg/kg, I was kidding about being careful about the advice, because no one would be stupid enough to take 1000+ tabs of anastrazole

As to the forum banning posts, I’m not sure about that, seems like a violation of free speech, however there could be like a potato above all the posts made from minors, so people could know who is underage and who isn’t.

Free speech doesn’t apply to internet forum sanctions; would only apply to the government trying to persecute you for saying something on a forum.

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If you’re gonna do a dbol only cycle, crush it up and snort it like a line of coke. That’s what all the pros do. :roll_eyes:


Lets go to arguement #2 then, I believe that this forum has steered quite a few uneducated kids away from using gear, and if we didn’t allow them to post or ask for advice, I hypothesize it would lead to more kids taking gear (and potentially a sharp rise in prescriptions written for TRT lol)

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Totally agree. People should have their posts deleted if they’re teenagers and come on here. It’s not that they don’t usually get told it’s a bad idea, its that if this site wants to be able to discuss steroid use in a meaningful and constructive way, we cannot be a party to stupid self-destructive children looking to make bad decisions. I see people say “well they’re going to do it anyway…” - great. Let them go do it. But don’t let this be a stepping stone on the way. Ignore them, let them go elsewhere. Even telling them to not do it can force them in the opposite direction.


I agree. I also wonder what kind of liability or responsibility could be bared by allowing advice to be given to children about the use of AAS’s? I personally feel weird about it. I have seen Chris the mod lock a thread by a youngster that was asking for AAS advice. The kid was like 16 too.

What pisses me off is the shitty attitude some of them possess thinking they know it all and you can’t tell them shit. Reminds me of my dumbass when I was young. Always learned the hard way.


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He was 16 and asking how to use clenbuterol, however I’d like to point out I’m one of these “children” you are talking about, I would be very upset if I was barred from posting here based on my age.

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People should have their posts deleted if they come on here and say " I’m 16 and going to do steroids, I dont care what you say, I made up my mind"

I am all about learning and helping others. I would rather have discussions, but the attitudes have to be open.

I totally agree with this, the influx of teenagers coming in making posts on the cycles they’re going to run and that everyone else is an idiot because they know better is irritating, that being said, I disagere with the notion that teenagers in general should be banned due to an arbituary age number. While the vast majority of teenagers who come on here are kids with shitty, self destructive attitudes who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing or the potential consequences they are in for, there are exceptions to the rule, due to those exceptions I feel as if it would be unfair to eliminate teenagers posting as a whole, granted then there’s the majority vs minority arguement, however I tend to disagree with that arguement as no one should have to face consequences they don’t deserve.

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