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Dianabol feeling

Guys, I have always heard people talk about the great feeling they get from dianabol but I’ve never really found out exactly what kind of feeling it is. Is it a “horny as hell” thing? “Calm and relaxed” thing? Or something else?

It’s a “feeling of well being” which could be explained as a more optimistic mood and a general, “the world ain’t so bad after all” feeling. It’s likely due to an increase in neurotransmitter sythesis. More specifically, dopamine. Still, you’ll have to try it yourself in order to know exactly what people are talking about. Some people don’t “feel” it as much as others. Which I suppose would be because of the levels of dopamine that they started off with. Hope this helps. -Cy

To me there is no real mood difference,
except it used to be that, in traffic and
so forth, I’d get pissed more easily, but
that effect seems no longer to apply. There’s
a tendency to be a little more restless at
night when wanting to sleep. Dianabol, alone
among steroids, has a slight (very slight)
euphoric or feel-good effect for me. I don’t know why. A number of steroids are good for
increasing libido.

Well, high constant levels of cortisol is linked to depression and since dbol works outside the receptors such an effect (lowering cortisol) is plausible.

Logically speaking, feeling good requires not only good feelings but the abscence of negative stresses as well. If dbol might somehow lower the f.o.f response this might “make room” for more a better mood and positive emotions.

Try winstrol depot(zambon, from spain) if you wanna feel euphoric (just winstrol depot, nothing else…)Winstol v might not do it, I don t know. About 4-6 ampules a week should do it.I feel very, very happy when I am on it.I really wonder Why…I don t get the feeling from testosterone for example. Unfortunately I can t use winstrol depot anymore…it makes my hair fall. I don t get that side effect with testosterone alone.

Which steroids have the most effect on neuro-transmitter levels and which transmitters in particular?
I’ve used Sustanon, Deca and Winstrol and all put me in an excellent mood, although growing like never before has alot to do with it!
Winstrol gave me vertigo bizarrely however, and I’ve been told this could have been because of increased dopamine