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Dianabol Cycle


Dianabol cycle

Hey, sorry if this is yet another dbol cycle, I've tried reading lots of threads to find out more info but have a few questions which still havnt been answered, and i'd like to have my planned cycle checked over by a few people a bit more knowledgeable than i am before i start!!

About me

I'm 6ft 1, 13st2 and bf about 15%. I've been training for about 5 years, 2 seriously.

My diet is split into 6 meals, mainly comprising with fish or protein along with some veg, rice. I tend to have 1-2 shakes a day to help boost my protein intake. I used to have a much poorer diet and in the last few months i've managed to cut out the crap, junk food, fizzy drinks etc and am now going strong on my new diet.

My training is 5 days a week, splitting muscle groups to allow me to train more often. I tend to do the follows:

day 2-arms
day 3-shoulders
day 4-legs
day 5-back

I often mix things up as i find doing this helps me to stop myself from getting complacent with my training.

I used to do a large amount of rowing, on the water as opposed to in the gym, so this has given me good base fitness and i am now trying to add some greater mass.

My strengths are my shoulders and my arms, i need to work on widening my back and increasing my chest.

About my cycle

I was planning on running an 8 week cycle of dbol at 30mg per day.

Alongside this i was planning on taking milk thistle to try and help my liver and kidneys and have noveldex on hand in case i get any bitch tits symptoms.

For my pct i had planned on taking:
Days 1-7 100mg clomid, 20mg Noveldex
Days 8-21 50mg clomid, 20mg noveldex

Please give any advice you feel is necessary, I have come here to learn from people more experienced than myself and get as much advice before i start.

Many thanks


You will keep very little from dbol only - this is what dbol is infamous for; Amazing strength and size that even with dilligent food and training post cycle is never kept. The gains that can be made are rarely enough compared to the enormous size and strength increases while the drug is used, hence a particularly depressing cycle all in all.

I have to add - your training and diet sound like they are not so much designed out of experience and prior results, but they read as if direct from a book.

What i mean to say is it sounds to me as though you need to really give the ‘new’ diet time to evolve - and see how long you can truly eat rice and fish day in day out (at 15% i doubt you have been doing it more than a week).
Not only that but the split you desrcibed is possibly one of the most standardised training regimes i know of (bodypart-a-day) - and while effective, it is my opinion that it is only really effective when one knows how to fully train a muscle to make best use of the long rest periods between workouts (7 day rotation).

I just got the distinct feeling that you took time and care in your post so as to not get flamed (and it reads as quite the perfect example of what many ask for in a post, too perfect IMO!) - BUT it just doesn’t feel ‘lived in’ - i just mean it doesn’t feel right, it feels like you have not done what was written either at all, or for very long and your experience is more intellectual rather than practical.
Maybe i am wrong - if not (whether you admit it or not) i suggest you live the life you described in your post for 6-12 months - and if you are not on the way to the body you want by then… add AAS to your existing greulling, consistant and strictly planned training and diet regimes…

On the basis of the cycle:

30mg dbol is a fine dose, and 8 weeks it the max recommended time to run a toxic oral steroid. The PCT is fine - although the total SERM dose is too high and will likely make you feel shit.
Choose one or the other of the two drugs in PCT, preferably Tamoxifen as the effective doses are lower.

However, as i stated - Dbol only usually leads to disappointment - If one uses Anavar, they expect very little and keep what is built - so are happy.
With dbol people expect the world, they often get it during the cycle too! But within a week of ceasing the drug the majority of the gains will have gone and in a few months there will be no evidence of a cycle ever taking place.

Injectables are the safer types of drug in terms of Steroids - they are less harsh on the body -non-toxic, and truth be told, the results tend to last longer - often due to duration of action i believe. Either way they are better!

It is a good idea to mix orals and injectables - as often (if planned correctly and intelligently) you will be able to mix two steroids that work via different pathways - maximising the anabolic potential of the drugs.

Testosterone is the only drug the exists that works by both ‘pathways’ alone - by pathways i simply mean Androgenic Receptor and Non-Androgenic Receptor (AR and Non-AR) mediated mechanisms.

If i were you, i’d get reading - and the site i would recommend is Mesomorphosis.com - read up on the profiles of the drugs but pay particular attention to the articles.
I like the profiles on Steroid.com personally and it is important to cross-reference information form various sites to get the best picture of a drug without actually taking it.


Thanks for the reply, I guess it might read a little “textbook” at the moment because i’ve been doing lots of reading up, lately so i guess it makes sense for it to be rather un-personal. I take on board the point that i need to discover things more for myself, at the moment however i’m just trying to follow tried and tested methods with regards to my training and diet, i’m happy to tweak things as i go.

My training and diet are rather new, i’ve been training like this probably for 4 months and the diet is something i’ve settled into over the last 2-3.

I think i’ll probably take your advice and try and maximise my natural potential before looking into AAS, i just wanted to get a bit more information.

Also it might have read like it was something designed to not get blasted, i hope you appreciate that it is all the truth, there’s no point asking for advice if i’m not giving an honest picture of where i am at the moment. I have however done enough reading to know the kind of things which people ask/say which are ridiculed!

anyway many thanks for the response, i’ll take it all onboard.


also if you could read my other thread on diet, in that i ask for some advice which it would be great to get your opinion on as you seem well informed!


Ive also found that 5 day splits aren’t valuable to newer trainers. Many people feel that only AAS enhanced users can make good gains on a 5 day split.

This is not true, I was on a 5 day split and natural for years and made fantastic and steady gains.

But a 5 day split does require detailed nutrition and quite a bit of lifting experience to be workable.

Most newer lifters, or even experienced lifters with lacking nutrition or sleep habits usually find the workload unmanageable, and either lift lighter than they should to compensate, or generally fatigue themselves until they drop off the routine.

3 day splits seem to be ideal until a trainee has some experience. You can make some mistakes in nutrition and training, and rest periods, and still progress at a steady rate.

I myself started out on a 3 day split, its harder to screw up, but eventually as you progress a more extensive and focused program is required.

As for drug choice, add test, most cycles will be effective with almost any compounds as long as they include test and are at the adequate doses.

You have the basics correct for the most part, just do some fine tuning and establish a little experience by actually putting your concepts into practice for a time.

Many people discover that what the book says isnt the best for them.


thanks for the reply, is there a suitable compromise between the 3 and 5 day splits? obviously a 4 day split, but is this concidered as a good idea or do you think i should just drop down to 3? i’ve considered changing to a 4 day split of chest/tricep back/bicep legs shoulders. Would this help get the balance a bit better?
many thanks


It is down to your development - to your recovery, to your intensity, to your ACTUAL diet, to all those things and more - it is near impossible for us to know from here.

As is stands it would be best i think, to choose the 3 day split and train 4-5x/wk - i commonly STILL do this split (and full body, and 5 day, and 2 day splits…!) and it is a very decent way to train effectively both on and off AAS (not that i am off a whole deal these days! ;D).

Then, as you feel you can - you could try a 4 day split over 4 or 5 days a week… even pushing that to 6x/wk if you can - then back off to a full body done 3x/wk for 1 week before doing a 5 day a week split for 6 weeks.

This is a SAMPLE plan - and is an example of how i organise my own training splits in a periodic fashion.