Dianabol and Estrogen

Dear friends of the forum,

If one was to suffer High e2 sides with Dianabol and decided to stop using it, would the levels of estrogen contributed by the Dianabol also reduce, is this fast or very slow?

Secondly, Just started some Dbols, and str8 away noticed pumps and very good strength/energy on just 20mg. I don’t believe in higher doses bring results. Health comes first. but I also noticed after my workout, I became quite emotional but that could be due to life stressors. However I did feel my libido was strong as well. Does Dianabol really work or feel it that quick?

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I noticed the elevated mood and pumps on day three. I also went low dose, 20mg up to 30mg for a week, and it was great.

As far as e2, I don’t know how fast it recedes after cessation. But mine never got out of whack. I added just .25mg extra arimidex while taking dbol and that seemed to do the trick for me.

Im just too scared to use ai because i have crashed my estrogen in the past. Ill just drop it for future because ive been emotional all day today and think my e2 has gone up.

You’re afraid to use an AI but you used dianabol? I’ve crashed my e-2 several times using test/masteron and AI. It’s not permanent and after a while you learn the signs your body gives you like aching joints and low libido for me. I just make the adjustment and keep it moving.

It doesn’t take much to control it and it’s hard to crash it unless you’re taking the wrong dose multiple times (unless it’s Letro). What happened the time you crashed it? What we’re you on, what AI were you using, what dose, etc?

I was taking a otc supp and it crashed my e2 spent weeks in bed till i got sorted with trt. What kind of dose of arimidex do you recommend as i have been crying all day today. Too emotional and its become overwhelmoing for me.

Probably start low, like .25mg once, see how it makes yo feel. If you can’t get it under control then you should drop the dbol as you mentioned. Arimidex is strong stuff and if you don’t have pharma grade then I would seriously consider stopping the dbol entirely.

Hi bro just an update. I just popped 50mg of proviron for past two days and i feel hard and the anxiety is gone and so is the severe emotions. I also feel great and had a excellent gym session. Felt really muscular and hard. Do you think the proviron is blocking the estro from binding and freeing more test. Feel so good that i feel weird.

Proviron does have some ability to work as a mild AI, so it’s not hard to imagine it being effective for you. I’m speculating here, but if it only took two small doses of proviron to straighten your issues out then I would guess that you’re pretty sensitive to even minor changes in your e2. Just stay on top of it and don’t overdo it. Crashing it is as bad as letting it get high, as far as pain-in-the-ass symptoms. Neither are pleasant.

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I guess your right because I feel like crap and weird today. I don’t have joint aches but I am feeling very tired and fatigued. Not having great sleep neither. I am getting morning wood but it feels floppy but gets hard after some time. Do you think I am sensitive to Proviron. Any advise? I am sure if its reduced my estrogen too low, it will come back up once I stopped using Proviron, it has a short half life of 12 hours anyway and I doubt it destroys the aromatize?