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Dianabol and Diarrhea, Please Reply

Can the body split out the water retention with Diarrhea after Dianabol cycle??
Please reply to me…

Can you ask this a different way. I’m not sure what “split out the water retention” means. If English is your second language that’s cool, nobody wants to read my German or Spanish.

You shouldn’t be getting diarrhea after a cycle. If you’re holding too much water on cycle you should probably get an E2 test since Dianabol aromatises.

Are you experiencing a little moon face or 30lbs of bloat?

Also check your blood pressure if it’s the second one.

Holy shit that would be a crazy amount of water weight!

I assume your question is about water retention within cells and subcutaneously and the effect of a dehydrating event like diarrhea on said retention, yes?