Dianabol and BOLDENONE 300 (Equipoise)

Ok, here is the deal… I have plenty of thai dianabol 10mg as well as boldenone 300 and proviron and nolvedex on hand. My question is: can anyone suggest a good cycle utilizing all of the above gear?

Any help would be appreciated! thanks

Oh oh! How bout this…

Try putting your own fucking cycle together and then letting the rest of us critique it?

Why the lack of research?! Research then post. You can’t simply name out ingredients and expect a cake.

lol good post GB!

Ive been trying to put this recipe together for some time.

I so far have 7 essential erbs and spices. From there I phoned the colonel at KFC and asked him for the other ingredients and the recipe.

Would you believe that son of a bitch wouldnt just give me the rest of the ingredients and lay out the full recipe for me.

Lol lilguy! You’ll never decifer the colonel’s secret recipe. If you do, he will send his special army to kill you and all that know the secret.