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Dianabol and Andriol Cycle

I am considering going on a dianabol and andriol cycle for five weeks. I will be taking 8 capsules of andriol a day and 20 to 40 mg dianabol a day. Does any one know how much muscle I should expect to gain? 

Dude that is the ultimate cycle. You should gain 25 lbs of solid muscle and lose body fat at the same time.

You’re gonna be jacked bro.

Ignore anything people say about injectables, test, or PCT. You don’t need any of that stuff with your ultimate cycle.


this cycle is gonna make you massive and then when you are done you’ll take a 20lbs piss.

If you wanna be massive for 5 weeks go for it.


Why would I loose my gains? Is their anything I can stack with it to make sure I keep my gains?

Basically what the others are saying in not so many words is that your proposed cycle is piss poor at best. There is tons of information all over the internet about different steroid profiles and which ones will work well together.
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