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Dianabol and a Low Carb Diet


I am currently on a low carb high protein diet consisting of 50-150g of carbs, 250-275g of protein and 60g of fat per day. I am currently at around 10% body fat at 6'0 - 205lbs I would like to put on about 10lbs of lean mass without sacrifing to much definition (i know i am asking for alot perhaps)Unfortunately, all that i have available to help me with this is Thai Anabol tabs(I know, not really the best choice for making lean gains).

My question is.....can i still maintain a low carb diet as indicated above and still make lean gains if i do a cycle of Anabol only? or do i really need to go balls to the wall and jack up my carb intake? I hate to see my definition go to the wayside. Is there any hope?


where did you get the dbol ?

Get some test, its not much more expensive. And it Quintuples the effectiveness of the cycle.

Your goal is incredibly realistic with a basic test and dbol cycle. Dare I say easy.

A test dbol cycle with a good diet will net you 10 pounds and will probably slightly reduce your bodyfat.

With a dbol only cycle, you will gain the 10 pounds, but you will lose it as soon as you come off.

If you want to do a clean bulk, dbol only is a very poor choice.



In fact, Dbol (depending on the dosage) may even round you a little bit, hence reducing some definition because of the water retention.

Westlock said it too-If you looking to sustain a lean, hard, 10 lbs you'll probably watch 7-8 of those pounds disappear post cycle if you go dbol only-especially given your diet.