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Dianabol Affect Testerone Levels on Blood Work?


I tried searching but couldn't find this specific information, probably a simple answer:

What affect does Dianabol have on Testosterone?

I'm currently being treated w/TRT and want to take Dianabol along with it but I'm concerned about whether or not it will show in my T-levels (blood work). I don't care if it shows that I've taken it, I just don't want my T-levels "off the charts".

Thanks in advance for any help with this question.

I've cycled before (Test/Ent, EQ, Anavar & PCT [Nolva/Clomid/SERM])

Looking to take 25-50mg daily for two weeks, cut in half and taken morning-evening

Currently receiving 250mg Test/Cyp. & 1mg ed Arimidex

Again, I'm not concerned about it showing up but how it will affect T-levels if it does at all.


Shouldnt affect t level, 1Mg adex a day? That seems like a lot, your trt dose is pretty high as well but not enough to warrant 1Mg of adex a day unless you are super prone to gyno but if you feel fine then more power to you


Why do you say this? Isn't that what D-Bol does (increase T levels)? I would think it certainly will have an affect on them.


No it's not. Non-testosterone androgen derivatives interact with the androgen receptor and sometimes, as in dianabol's case, estrogen receptor. Their effects are receptor mediated, not by causing testosterone to rise. They cause suppression of natural testosterone production, just like injectable testosterone.

That is why you need a PCT.


Which is exactly why dbol only cycles are stupid, but op is on trt so hes good


Thanks, you guys are awesome.

I thought it seemed high too but when I went in for the first follow up test/bloodwork (this is all relatively new to me) my test levels had gone from 170 to 936 which was great news but she said my estrogen levels had gone really high too so they wrote the scrip for Arimidex (Anastrazole). What I'm used to seeing on "forums" is 3.5mg every 3-4 days so I figured this was about the same? They'll probably do another test and then modify from there.

I was really glad to get a doctor that didn't want to get me form 170 up to 350 and call it good- I knew (had a feeling) my test was really low and was gearing up to undergo a cycle. So I have Supertest, Test E, EQ, Dianabol, Clomid & Nolvadex already on hand but since the TRT is going great I'd like to just take the Dbol along with it for two weeks.

No gyno, I did experience some shut down with the last cycle (first) but they're probably concerned about it.

I've been reading these forums and figured it's finally time to come out of the shadows, plus I've had a hard time finding this answer. Thanks again for the responses and your time.


3.5mg every 3-4 days?! Where did you read that? That's very high indeed.

I would be interested to see some blood test results after you've tried this if possible. I've been considering something similar.


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DieselDave: maybe it was 2.5? Off the top of my head I just remember that it was a couple of mg's every couple of days.... they'll be testing again to make sure everything is under control and adjust accordingly... I'll post any updates. With my first blood work I had all kinds of information but this last one was just for free test and test (?). I'll see if there's more information and get a copy of it to post here.

Good to know, thanks for the link.


Just checked you link eatsleeplift and I'm really glad you posted it, about 45.00 to check test levels is a great deal.


Yeah they email you discount codes too so check for those