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Dianabol: 25mg for 50 Days


Hey guys, im new here, but have been looking at the site for a long time now. I have a question about dianabol. I was offered a cycle that would go 50mg for 50 days, but i am thinking of doing 25 mg for 50 days. now, heres the question that i will probably get flamed for. Im almost 19, but i have been lifting seriously for 3 years. im not the average 19 year old, im 240lbs at around 13% bf. Stats are bench 365 for a few reps, MP 275 for a few reps, DL 570 squats...enough. My other question is that i have pubertal gyno, its not sore anymore, and i have had it ever since i hit puberty. Does this sound like something i should do, or should i stay away from this and stay natural for a few more years?
thanks guys


It is quite likely that Dianabol use, without an AI or SERM, would worsen your existing gyno.


The latter.

If you've been here for as long as you claim, you should have had ample time to read the newb stickies that are perpetually and unmissably affixed to the top of this forum. Your post makes it clear that either you have not, or that you should do so again.


ok, sorry. I know about being 21-23 before you start, but i think i am far ahead of the average 19 year old. Also, i would use novladex, or arimidex probably during and for about a month after the cycle. I also know that i probably wont hold onto much of the weight after i come off. What do you think


Especially for 50 days, I wouldnt run dbol without an AI or SERM, then again I dont think Id ever run dbol by itself. I find when I kickstart a cycle with Dbol I def need the nolva/adex upped than without, usually can feel it after about 2 weeks if I dont.

If you have pre-existing gyno I wouldn't do a cycle without adex (or another AI) and nolva. Unless you want to have watermelons hanging off your pecs. I don't know how bad/noticeable it is now, but I'm paranoid about making mine worse (even though its not that noticeable, last thing I want is for to become that way)


Using PEDs, isnt necessarily about how much you're able to lift, at least when it comes to age, its more the long term effects on your natural ability to produce testosterone thats the problem.

Personally I wouldnt run a cycle without test, the adex alone will probably cost you more than the dbol, and for the gains I wouldnt say its worth it.


I already told you what I think.

Anyway what I was getting at, that you are missing, is that a dbol only cycle is never recommended here as a "proper" cycle. And you should know that an AI used properly ON cycle will keep any problems with gyno under wraps, and that you should be using one on-cycle anyway. And if you are not going to go after gains that are worth a damn anyway then why are you contemplating fucking with your perhaps-not-yet-finished-developing endocrine system?

It's not just the one thing or the other, it's most of what you've written.


You need to re-read the SERM/AI sticky. You are a bit confused as to what the proper uses of arimidex and nolvadex are. Or maybe you just explained yourself poorly. Your sentance is confusing, to say the least.

If you know that you wont hold much of the gains then why do the cycle? Why spend the money and why stress your liver (50 days is a bit excessive IMO)? Do you just want to look big for the remainder of the summer to impress your friends? or is there some sort of legitimate reason, such as a competition?

Overall this is a pretty bad idea. You don't need AAS at your age. Your cycle is poorly conceived. You don't seem to have a grasp of how to use ancillary drugs properly. Taking more time before doing this cycle would be the best idea. Your stats are impressive (post a video of the deadlift, it'd be cool to see) but I don't think it is a good idea to risk damaging your endocrine system for such a shitty cycle.


Don't you sleep man. lol
Thanks again for the help.

OP: this is what I was getting at, in case it wasn't clear


ok, thanks guys. i knew it was a bad idea, just got excited when it was offered to me to put on some serious weight in the next couple of weeks, but i think i will just stay away from anabolics for a couple more years.


Heh, no problem.

Maybe I do have insomnia issues with the tren :wink:

[/inside joke hijack]


A smart and mature decision. Good for you. Patience and perseverance will take you further than any drug could in the long run.


But football's starting, right ?