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Dianabol 10mg Every Day, 4 Weeks

I want to try to cycle it for 4weeks w/ adex .25mg ed, and clomid for pct would it be worth it for first bulking cycle? Gonna use it for recovery as my workout gets more intense and feel so sore

no. this will be an utterly ineffective cycle, and there’s a reasonable chance the net result will be worse than you started because of the dosing being so low. One of the worst ideas I’ve heard in a very long time.


This dude is totally wrong it will be completely effective the only problem is Recovery. Anabolic’s increase protein synthesis as soon as the Dbol hits your bloodstream it’s doing what it supposed to do. It would be much better if you were on a testosterone replacement therapy program. Your natural task production will be shut down and you need to PCT after the four weeks .

I agree, Flipcollar is totally wrong, and it will be completely effective with the only problem being recovery…and you aren’t taking enough d-bol…and you aren’t taking any testosterone…and you are taking way too much arimidex and will probably crash your e2…and you shouldn’t be taking d-bol in the first place…and whatever you gain in this “first bulking cycle” will be water if anything at all. Other than all of that, it looks perfect…

wait, actually since the only thing you were hoping to get from it was to be less sore, I take that all back…I’m usually way more sore from working out and taking d-bol than when I’m working out and not taking d-bol

My advice is to skip the AAS entirely and get some creatine and protein. Within a week, the creatine will have you feeling fine after your intense workouts and the protein will help build that bulk. On top of that, you won’t shut down your own test production, run the risk of crashing your e2, or waste 28 d-bol.

Fuck these guys, no offense but @flipcollar knows dbol he loves the Shit so I would listen. Also if your not doin a test base then you’ll likely lose more than you gain. Just actual experience here, but oral only is horrible for you. Also I would ask your starting stats but I’m sure your a super swole 145 at 6ft or something anorexic like that.


Um, so @5forty was joking. Jus’ sayin’.

For the OP, don’t do it.

That is all.


Yeah, sorry. The first part of my post was a joke. However the last part wasn’t. I think the OP would be much better off taking creatine and making sure he is eating a ton of protein rather than take any d-bol. I’ve always felt better taking creatine and I know it would help the OP more than 4 weeks of d-bol, for a lot of reasons.

thanks everyone for your opinions i think i would drop this plan for i also realize that the shut down wont be worth it for the 10mg

yea, i guess I could have been more thorough with my explanation of why this was a bad idea, but I’ve explained it so many times I didn’t really wanna do it again.

The shutdown afterward is the problem, not the cycle itself, but since it’s all part of the same process, I didn’t get into that. Yea, you’ll temporarily get stronger from even 10mg per day. The problem with any weak cycle is the bridge to the next one, the long term results. You have to really make the most of your time on-cycle, because pct always results in losses. I’ve experienced this first-hand, as my very first cycle was actually epistane-only. I had reasonably good gains from the cycle, but then I spent over a month feeling like shit, got my testosterone tested at literally 0 2 weeks after the cycle even though I was running a proper pct, and 6 weeks.

So the net result was: PR’s and a better physique for 4 weeks. 2 months of feeling less than normal. 2 months later strength down across the board.

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