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Dialintrt - TRT Journey Log

I will definitely be keeping this thread updated. I spoke to my current doctor and he asked me to stay at the same doses etc. and let everything settle in for 3-4 months or so and see what happens.

At this point, I certainly do not feel as bad as I did when I started. As it’s been pointed out, some of my numbers are still a bit low and I can tell, symptom wise. I have lots of things to tighten up still such as perfecting my diet and have been working out solid again for a few weeks (finally have the energy to workout). So I will keep the momentum going on all the rest of the positive changes.

I am certainly not against the taking the proper time to get it all dialed in. I do think I will do a blood test in between on my own to see where I am though.

Yah I think when new get blood work at 6-8 weeks then another 2 -3 months out. After that 2x a year or every 6 months seems the norm.

You know it’s working when you have a desire to get to the gym and not forfe yourself to go.

I bet your Glad your doc didn’t tell you to go see the vampires again

lol I was actually happy he didn’t tell me to go to the vampires again. Decided to wait and see if it all naturally starts to adjust itself. It will also give me some time to get in better shape and stay very hydrated for a while.

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Besides a HCT blood test the only way I know to keep an eye on your HCT is check you blood pressure regularly. At an HCT of 50 my pressure is 120/75 at 52.7 its 140/85 you can also drop by a blood donation place and ask for a finger stick be concerned if it measures 19 or higher.
Most blood donation places won’t take a 19 and you have to get a script from your doc and go to an urgent care for a blood draw. I look forward to reading about your progress.

That’s a good idea. I will check my blood pressure tonight.

What’s the finger prick being measured ?

It a test of your Hemoglobin. Usually when its high your HCT is also high.