Dial Down Diet During PCT?

Hey Guys - During my first cycle I’m aiming to put on 10-15lb. I already eat very clean and around 3500-4000 cal/day. 5’8", about 165, with 11%bf. During my 12 week cycle I plan on hitting about 6000calories per day (current diet, plus 2000 extra calories a day with a massgainer shake. Cycle protein level will be about 250g per day. So - during my PCT Test taper, should I also dial down my calorie count? Will be doing cardio during PCT, but pretty mild at 3x/week 45min each time. Plan on doing a four week test stasis period, then taper down four more weeks.

I think I’d eat more protein than that while on to take advantage of increased protein synthesis. Hell, I like to get a solid 1.5g of protein per lb natural. I think you’d be best off getting a solid 2g per lb while on cycle. Plenty of room for that with the amount of calories you plan to consume.