Diagnosis of Knee Pain

Hi guys,

I am 26 male,and started gymming from April 1st week.
Since past one month I am having sharp pain in my right knee(left knee perfectly fine) whenever I squat.Please note that there is no pain when I bend my knees in air or walking,running or even climbing a flight of stairs.The only sharp pain I feel around my knee cap
is when I squat.Please note that I have started gyming 3 months ago with primary focus on full body workout(Squat,Deadlift and Press)

This started exactly on 3rd June night,probably because past one week prior to this I was reaaly exerting myself in gym doing resistance training and
doing barbell squats and deadlifts for high reps.I was under the impression that this is a minor niggle and will sheal itself inI a few days,but when that didnt happe,I started foam rolling extensively.
That brought certain relief and in the past week the pain was minimal even when I did bodyweight squat.

Today I went to gym to do upper body,but was tempted to try doing a few reps of squats and deadlift,and unfortunatley the pain came back.
I am extremely worried and pray to God that this isnt serious,because I reaaly aspire to have lots of strength and without squat/deadlift that wont be possible.

Please help people…

go see a doctor. We can’t diagnose you

Be sure to let us know how that God thing works out for ya.

Go see a doctor.

And for the record, squats and deadlifts are not the only thing that can build strength. That mindset is horrible to have, unless your goal is to be the strongest powerlifter. That’s the only sport where the squat and deadlift are essential.