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Diagnosing Your Shoulder Injury

Many people who train get shoulder injuries, it’s part and parcel.

It’s important that once you know something is wrong, you begin to address the issue using appropriate steps. Although I think this forum, and the advice in it, are very positive steps, one guy speculating over the internet isn’t enough to diagnose injuries.
Here’s some good links I found, which will help people with one of the most common types of injury: ‘Shoulder impingement’ get the issue dealt with at an early stage.


Link 1 shows some physiotherapy tests which differentiate between different issues which seem like impingement.
Link 2 gives good advice on how to be an intelligent patient, and ask doctor’s the right questions, which will hopefully lead to better advice than “Rest, and ice it, FOREVER…”

This guy is Michael Jones, he is a genius. Everyone at my Studio is certified as a Post Rehab Specialist through his company - AAHFRP - and it was the best thing we have ever done. I have learned more from him in the last year than in 4 of studying on my own.
I am now fixing problems some physiotherapists can’t fix.