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Diagnosed with ME (CFS)

Just been diagnosed with ME otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with depression and given anti depresants, but I have really pain in my back and I was not happy with the diagnosis so I got asecond opinion and I have to agree with the doctoe, looking at the symptoms it sure does look like I have ME.

It’s a bit of a worry becuase I know two people that have had it and they both got divorced from it, there is also no treatment, nothing medical anyway, fuck man I just wanted some pills!!

So anyway I am going to look for some ME websites to get help getting over this but I have posted here because I wanted to ask you guys if you know of any link between ephedrine and ME, I think my eph use/abuse may not have helped my situation.

Also abyone have any links/info on steroids and depression? I have read about guys getting depressed when coming off and their T levels crashing, but I came off in August and I felt I recovered great and my T levels by now are fine.

If anyone has any info or has suffered from this I would love to hear any words of advice you may have cheers :slight_smile:

Hey Electric,

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I don’t know about a link between ephedrine and chronic fatigue syndrome, but there is definitely a link between ephedrine overuse and adrenal fatigue which can be dibilitating. Maybe you should research adrenal fatigue.

As for steroids and depression there is a clear link, however in your case it sounds like you recovered very well post cycle so the depression could be related to the chronic fatigue.

Ephidrene is surely NOT going to have helped your condition IMO mate… it is a harsh stimulant and i believe you were very fond of it…

As for depression - it depends on ‘who’ you are… i suffer from the thing, so test makes me more depressed while ON… not so much while in PCT. the higher the dose, the worse the depression, aggression - NOT the sex
drive strangely.

I am very sad to her that… many people dont actually think ME exists… it is because it is kinda a “non-disease” as in there are no specific causes - as far as i remember anyway (i had a client in Boston with it, and she used to tell me about it - also my mother had something similar which was seriously helped with a few methods - PM me if you interested)

There ARE ways to manage this… popping pills isnt a good plan - not for most things IMO. There are more holistic methods - and with ME even if the results are purely placebo WHO CARES? As long as it works, right?
Magnet therapy has been used very successfully
Homeopathy too (yes, yes, i know)
Exercise when in remission cardio and resisted
reiki/massage/reflexology etc etc etc…

no harm there pal.

good luck eales, i like you bud :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Brook, as ever helping out with great info you are a top fella.


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Thanks a lot Bushy, I have my blood results here taken 5 days ago.

My thyroid is within normal range as is all my levels, my Hb is down a bit from last time and is low but within normal range.

Not sure which one is thyroid is that ‘TSH’? its at 2.25

My back pain is constant and is in the lower back, sometimes into my cosix, I get a lot of stiffness and my back seizes up a lot.

One of the reason I went to the doc originally was becuase I was convinced I had urine infection, what with the lower back pain and my urine smells real bad and it is quite cloudy most of the time too, but I was given the all clear for urine infections, my pee still stinks (like gone off sugar puffs!).

I cannot get my test levels done, my doctor wont do it and my friends at the hospital do not have any forms to send off for test levels, I don’t know why there must be some way of testing for test levels but I have never been able to get it done unfortunately

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I could be completely out in left field here, but heavy metals just came to mind. Cadmium intoxication can cause back pain for example. There are kits to test for heavy metals.

Also, lef.org offers hormonal panel tests.

Thank you very much for your posts guys I really want to get out of this rut and get back to training and being happy again, I am looking into all your suggestions and appreciate it a lot.

My doctor says there is no need to test my test levels, I didnt want to tell him about my AAS use but I did and said that I was worried my test levels may have crashed, he went in a right arse and said that if they have crashed (due to my silly drug taking) there is nothing he could do anyway and I would have to wait for them to rejuvinate themselves over time.

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Ok will do cheers Bushy, do you think this may involve a prostate examination?

If so i might try and see the female doctor that is sometimes on.

My doctor is definatley gay and I am worried he might slip in an extra finger!

Right back to being serious, I have checked and i can get bloods done to check my prostate, so will do that this week, I have also ordered those supps, they look really good especially the SAMe

Thanks a lot Dr. Bush :slight_smile:

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Now that I would have definatley travelled to Wales for :slight_smile:

(kidding too)

Now here is a thing…

About 3 weeks ago I had fresh blood in my semen, quite a bit too I would say it was 50/50 blood/semen.

I looked on the net and found a lot of info that said this is quite common as you can rupture a small blood vessel in the testicle and it is only something to worry about if it persists, it didn’t happen again so I didnt think it was related to any other problems and was just a common thing that happens from time to time.

My urine is very cloudy it almost looks as if it has talcum powder floating in it, it is not always dark but it is so cloudy I cannot see the bottom of the boel, it looks like tea, but I don’t think it has blood in it.

Damn I am a little worried now, how do I go about asking my doctor for a DRE, he is one of these doctors that do not accept people coming in which self dianosed problems that they have found symptoms for on the net.

I know if I go in and say ‘my mate bushy says I should get a DRE’ he will basically tell me to F off :slight_smile:

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The doctor did the dip test himself and said it was clear, no infection, he made me hold the cup and to be honest I have never seen anyone so petrified of a little piss, and he didnt really look at it enough to apprciate the smell or cloudyness.

My white blood cells markers are also at normal levels which would indicate no viral infection being present (so I am told by my phlebotomist friend).

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Your doctor is… Shit.



Agreed and in the process of looking for a better practice, my last doctor was ace, when I went to the docs last month I had not been to my doctors for ten years, I asked to see my doctor only to find out he died 6 years ago!