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Diagnosed Pre-Diabetic in Middle of Test Cycle....grrrrrr...


Hello Folks

Let me be honest...I'm feeling downright frustrated!!! With all the eating, hard training, anabolic support for past 28 days my weight has only gone up by 1 kg. And I'm not a hard gainer by any chance. I grew on from 78 to 96 kg. just on food and supplements and of course training.

I feel very sleepy and tired these days and especially after carb meals. My pre-cycle blood check up did indicate my fasting blood sugar at 119 mg/dL (d doc said it's ok...u just need to do mild exercise!)...Anyways went to another Diabetologist today and checked up...still fasting blood sugar at 107 mg/dL. which in a nut shell means my Insulin sensitivity is messed up. The Doc says u can have half a potato, half a cup of rice etc. no sugar, no juices...blah...blah...

Now I'm wondering, 1. Can reduced Insulin sensitivity halt muscle gains?
2. What do i do about the 400 gms of carbs I'd included into my daily gain diet?

BTW, let me just put down the Diet I'm following right now:

Ht.: 5'10
Wt.: 100
BF: 15-20% apprx

            pr      carb    fat	

Meal 1A 23 57 1 Whey + 50gm Oats + 1 banana
Meal 1B 15 62 24 5 whites + 250gms sweet potatoes
Meal 2 38 62 24 5 whites + 250gms sweet potatoes + 1 Whey
Meal 3 60 60 25 300gms chicken + 80gms Rice (raw wt.)
Meal 4 60 60 25 300gms chicken + 80gms Rice (raw wt.)
Meal 5(Pst Wk) 46 50 2 Whey + 50gm Glucose + Creatine
Meal 6 60 60 25 300gms chicken + 80gms Rice (raw wt.) + cooked veg

gms 302 411 123
calories 1208 1644 1107 3959 (total cal.)

As you may observe, Rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. were my major ingredients for carbs. What do i do now!!!

My Sustanon250 cycle is now in it's 4th week. What do i do about that...as in should I continue the cycle as is and re-adjust my diet plan...or I get going with PCT, get on with another diet plan, observe results and then re-start another cycle?
Please provide you valuable opinions...also if you have any information about how Diabetics go about Gain and cutting would be really helpful...

Take care...


You taking just 1 cc of sust a week? How are you dosing it? I cannot comment of your diet /health questions.

I know even with the prop ester in sust, you really don't see any results until week 4 of cycle( at least that's been my experience). You should start seeing some solid gains over the next 6 weeks.

Total calories a day is almost 4000? At 200lb? My maintain. Caloric intake is at 3500 at 210lbs so gaining about 2 lbs is about right especially if you're training hard. Although I would expect to see you gain at least 5 lbs in water weight relatively quickly. Are you running an AI?

I would try taking in carbs mostly at preWo and pro. Keeping moderate through out the day. You may need to post this in the supplement section as I think Biotest has some supps for insulin sensitivity.


I'm running Sust250 at 125mg EOD...u r right about the water weight...i'm running Femara at a very low dose E2D for AI...i can actually notice d difference in Bloating...

Maybe I should get one of those blood sugar meters and test at regular intervals to determine my Insulin sensitivity and decide how to go about it.

BTW do u think reduced Insulin sensitivity can hamper Gains on a diet high in Carbs?



Sust took over a month to kick in for me...be patient.
If your working out hard and not gaining - EAT MORE!
Just my 2 cents - best of luck


Thanks Buddy...


Finally got out of depression and went for a light training day Chest, Shoulder, Triceps...maybe after 4 days. And I observed something strange: Now that I'm scared to eat carbs most of the day was Peanut Butter, Whey, Creatine & Glutamine. Had Oats for breakfast and pre-workout...2-3 Arabic bread for Lunch with chicken nd eggs.
So as you may see all the rice & sweet potatoes have gone out d window :slight_smile:
But I felt much fresher and happier training today...feel dumb why i didn't think clearer before it came this far!
Anyways, trying hard to get a > 4000 calorie diet using carbs only in morning and around workout.
Guys, any help and feedback about d diet is honestly appreciated :slight_smile: I'll post d sample diet in a while...

Bye 4 now





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tell u what man...i read d first article this morning...getting f***** up contributes to quicker reading skills...:slight_smile:
also d last article was very informative.
I'm not a lazy ass when it comes to reading :slight_smile: just got hyper after i got d bad news
I'll post a better diet in a while...do have a look at it and tell me how u fell abt it