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Diagnosed Disc Herniation


I was recently diagnosed with a moderate disc herniation at the L 4 level and am waiting to see a specialist about my options, for those with experience or expertise what are my training options? Im going to see a physiotherapist to see what I can and cant get away with in the gym, really what im looking for is perhaps some outside of the box thinking so i can minimize my losses until i've recovered

Thanks in advance


Do yourself a huge favor. Find out if there is a DRX-9000 in your area, then check to see if your insurance will cover the treatments. Go to www.axiomworldwide.com to search for a doctor. Catch this now, and you may never have to worry about it again.


See your specialist first, get the full diagnosis, and go from there.

Most individuals with disc herniations will respond very well to isometric stabilization work (e.g. bridges) and motor control exercises (e.g. birddogs). Stretching of the hamstrings and hip flexors is of paramount importance, although it may be delayed initially if these positions cause pain.

Eventually, you'll find that DB single-leg exercises are your best friends. Learn to love lunges, split-squats, and step-ups.