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Diagnosed Bipolar, Suggested to Stop TRT

Sooooooo… I was on trt fur 18 months, first year was perfect, best version of me ever! Then I had an event where I got super emotional but labs looked ok, test was a little too high (1300). At that time we backed test down and added lexapro which I was ok for a few months. Then I would have episodes where i was t myself, couldn’t get dialed in… so I quit test and went into a dark depression in October 2018, I then figured it was the lexapro and went off that… anyways, January 26th I started trt again. Still not myself so I saw a psych.,He’s saying i have a form of bipolar (never had a manic) but has put me on a mood stabilizer… He keeps bringing up the testosterone like he’s going to recommend I discontinue. My trt doc says that less hormone fluctuations may be better if I am in fact bipolar… Looking for anyone with experience either way…,

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