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Diagnose my Right Shoulder Problem?

  1. After sleeping on my right shoulder, I wake up with tight scalenes, feel like my shoulder is hitting my collar bone, limited ROM turning my neck to the right.

  2. When performing hapley scratch test, right shoulder is anterior tilted forward.

  3. When anything is pulling my shoulder down, like dumbbell shrugs. Right Shoulder is pulled anterior forward and I am unable to maintain my shoulder back.

  4. When doing chest exercises, no matter how heavy, my right pecs feel no stretch whatsoever, its like the shoulder is taking all the tension even if I have very good scapular retraction.

It use to be worst, extremely tight shoulders and terrible hapley scratch. Improved dramatically with working subscapularis, and self myofascial release of front deltoid. Still feel my shoulder is more forward its like I am missing a muscle group that holds my right shoulder back.


Do you train your lats directly? Lat pull down, pulls ups, straight arm pull downs?

Are you over training your traps vs lats?


do some lat stretches ( google ) beofre any OHP movement and use lacrosse ball before doing static stretches follwed by dynamic stretches for your back , tneck ,chest and shoulders specially neck stretches will help alot …

  1. do alot of lat neck strectches i will help with your scapula forward tilting

  2. thats because alot of tension i applied on your interiory tilted shoulders dude to your scapula bieng also tilted forward , imagine this ( you are setting your self for flat bench dumbells and you didnt squeze you traps /scapula and put your chest up before lyin on the bench to lift this leaves your shoulder freely to move ( favourly forward ) as no thing is holding it back n keeping it stabilized so while you lower your dumbells toward your chest your shoulder keep rotating inward and this dec. chest stretch and apply alot of pressure on the shoulders)

there are tons of static and dynamic stretches that will dec your tightness instantly till you finish you ohp or pressing and keeo doing stretches untill the problem subsides


just avoid chest/shoulder movements that requires you using a bar as it will force your shoulders into an uncomfortable position …just for now thought stick to dumbells

coming from persoanel experience i had serious shoulder injury that kept me out for 6 months with 2.5 months of rehab now i have your same problem( but very minor ) in my left shoulder but with stretching etc it helped ALOT you can stretch 2-3 times a day if u have the time and u will see results in a bout3-7 days


Thanks everyone still struggling, looks like I’m going to have to see a PT…

Another symptom I have is when I am just laying in bed on my elbow. Like the picture shown. After I get out of that leaning position, the arm/elbow I’m leaning on has massive tightness/slight pain on my collarbone area.

It just seems my sbuscapularis isn’t firing. Its like its completely inactive. I have to consciously think about it using, even then it is like I have no ability to internally rotate my shoulder back into a safe position.