Diablo Rock Grip Competition

Put your grip strength to the test with this AWESOME event hosted by World’s Stongest Hands winner, and DRG member Daniel Reinard.


  1. Rated grippers with 20mm block set - 4 attempts
  2. Max 2hp - 4 attempts
  3. Max Ironmind Apollons Axle - 4 attempts
  4. Medley - ~40 objects - 4 minutes, 1 attempt
  5. Close it Keep it (Bonus round, not scored)- Atomgripz Quad Band Gold Plated gripper for most reps â?? 1 attempt

Classes are menâ??s and womenâ??s, and with enough participants all three weight classes.

Rules: official NAGS rules. http://www.gripsport.org/

Sign-up and fee: $10 due by February 1st. After that registration is $15. One can paypal to daniel.reinard@gmail.com OR pay $15 at the door.

Rules will be covered at 4:30 with a comp start time of 5:00. Please show up at least 30 minutes prior for weigh in, warmup and misc chatter to ensure we all can start on time.

This started out as just 3 guys getting together under NAGS rules, but has ballooned up significantly. We expect many competitors as well as over $500 in prizes. Ironmind’s Randall Strossen has also volunteered to make a prize donation yet to be determined.