Diablo lll - Auction House

I thought this was interesting. I didn’t want to derail the Geek Shit 6th thread so…

You can use real money to purchase items in game…(e-bay style)
You can transfer in game money into a Blizzard account OR a third party app that transfers it into your private account…

Wouldn’t this type of system place a big target on these users by hackers?
If you were to place all of you in game money into a Blizzard account and you decided to quit playing, where would your money go?

I was looking forward to this game but I just have a sinking feeling that this auction house system is going to mess up gameplay…think boss battles where there are rare drops. Everyone in your group will want every piece of equipment only for sale purposes.

The game is fucked. They have also completely arse raped the skill system. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just do a google search on the new d3 skill system. They are completely diluting the gameplay mechanics for the lazy people/newbies, and in the process ruining the game.