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Diablo III


Holy crap. I was so surprised when I saw the huge splash on the Blizzard site.



Holy..Sh*t. I have been waiting for this since I first heard rumors years ago.


I FKING KNEW IT! YESSSSS i didnt wait for years in vain! YEY!


Absolutely wicked!

Due to come out on the 360 too, rumour has it.

I'll be looking forward to this one.



Some in-game action:

Part 2:


Good news, but knowing Blizzard it won't hit shelves until 2020.


THat gameplay video was like watching some kind of adventure movie or something. Looks like Blizzard is pulling out all the stops for this one, it looks fucking incredible.


I am dissapointed, to be honest. Diablo 2 was a fucking legend, and there has been so much hype about D3 that it NEEDS to be fatastic.

But, the graphics look like shit. It almost seems like its using the World of Warcraft engine. It's too blocky and cartoonish. Diablo 1 and 2 were known for looking gritty and realistic.
From the videos and screenshots it just looks like a kids game.

Don't agree with me? Look at this:

And now, lets compare with this:

Now which one to you looks more detailed and realistic?

This is an excellent edit of how I think the game should look like:

The creepy feeling is something we are (or at least should be) striving for here. now, nobody expects every location to be bland and grey, as yes, even in d2 there were 'nicer' environments. However those Diablo 3 dungeons do NOT look creepy, those dungeons do NOT look dark, they do NOT look uninviting, and they sure as hell do not depict the true diablo feeling, or at least what it should be at this point. Where is the never ending darkness? the fear of shadows?

The problem lies with the stupid colors in many of those pictures. the green, purple, and blue glows that seem to be emanating from nothing at all. Plus, many objects are just too bright.

But hey, maybe I'm just being fussy. It's way too early to tell what the game will be like, and knowing Blizzard I'm sure its gonna kick ass.


I really don't know if I should be buying DIII at this stage of my life...

Looking back on how addicted I was to Diablo II, I'm not sure I can go through those back-to-back-to-back all-nighter runs again.

But, shit, it looks good - I'll be damned if Blizzard doesn't make one hell of a game.

Fuck it, I'll probably end up buying it.


Hell, no, man. One of the best things about the first two was sitting in rapt attention in your chair clicking only an inch or two in front of your character at a time while wandering down dark dungeons and shit...expecting all hell to break loose at any moment.

The screenshots you gave don't look bad (very Warcraft 3ish, which I enjoyed), but they lack the creepiness and intensity that gave the first two their appeal.




i cant fucking wait


Hm. Many of the screenshots look(or at least feel) depressingly similar to Warcraft III, just perhaps a little smoother, like almost as if it were just a mod.

After watching the gameplay video, I take back my initial comment, although I am still not sold on the new look.


Maybe if more of you guys read the Geek S**T thread you would have heard about this much earlier :slightly_smiling:

Also, the graphics engine is NOT the same as Warcraft. No one knows what the final product will look like so dont get worried.


Who said some of us haven't seen this before?


Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the game is still in Alpha. The entire look of the game has been revised three times before they released the glimpse of this version, so I doubt this is anything more than a shadow of what the game will actually look like upon release.

To illustrate my point, just look into Blizzard's past. . .


SC1 in Alpha.


SC @ release


Wow I had no idea SC could look THAT shitty. Haha.


I agree that the graphics seem to be missing the gritter look of DI and DII, but I'm sure the game will go through a lot of graphics tweaks between now and its final release.

I'm really interested to see if they do bring this to 360 or PS3.