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Diablo 2 - LOD


Hi folks

me and some of my friends want to start playing some diablo again but i am unable to find my D2 lord of destruction cover so i can get my CD-key !

Could anyone help me with a CD key please ?


cmon people some of you must have an old CD laying around ?




hah, I just started playing that game again.. You can get some very cheap copies for about 80 kr.. (d2+lod)


where ?


Ja, den del glemte jeg desværre haha.


ja i 2 omgange :slight_smile: !


I do. Do you need Diablo 2 or LOD key? I don't play anymore so I have no problem giving it to you.


I was really big into D2 when I was younger, now I play a bit of a game called Titan Quest. It's pretty badass


^wanna send me your CD-key? I'll just download the game


I have one for anybody who can answer my riddles.

Each riddle answered correctly will reveal a new segment of the CD key.


I think I've got an extra lying around, I'll look for it.


^^start the riddle


OK jasmincar, but you better pray no one helps you along.

Your first test is to tell me which is correct:

27 plus 36 plus 34 is 95 or

27 plus 36 plus 34 are 95.


ok i bought my own copy.. it was on sale anyways and i got some money return...

anyone here still play on europe ladder ?


Yep, *mataryiar

How much ya had to pay?


i bought it at fona for 100 DKK .. wasnt that bad had to get a new mousepad anyways...

played 2 hours yesterday and reached akt 4.. its funny with the reset there not all these high levels boosting you so you have to do more by yourself..


Neither because 27, 36, and 34 do not add up to 95.


Does someone have Diablo 3 that I can play?


Well played, jasmincar!