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Diablo 2 Contenders?


With the tons of games available now, in every dang type, I don`t know if there exists a couple of games with a similar style (quick action oriented RPGs) that kick ass as much, if not more, than Diablo 2.

In short, I haven`t been in the games market for a while and would like to know if good clones (or better clones) or similar style games came since then.

Got names?

Just contemplating if I buy D2+expansion pack or if I should consider alternatives...



I liked Dungeon Siege, same kind of game, although it's a little short, there are a lot of user mods on the web, and quite a few mods from the company. They're also releasing an expansion for it soon. If you've played through Diablo 2, then give it a shot. It's much harder graphically on your system though. It takes a pretty solid PC to play it at high res.


Oh god, do yourself a favor and don't get Diablo II--if you value your free time, that is.

However, it does lose playability once you get to 'Hell' difficulty and things get so freakin' hard.


If you value your time, I would say stay away from the ever popular Everquest. That one had me for a very long time.


Commandos 2 is good game, couple years old but worth playing if you're into it.


Diablo II's patch 1.10 is supposed to come out soon. Supposedly it has so many changes, that the strategy of the came will be changed.

If you're into old time based strategy games like Hero's of Might and Magic... check out Disciples II. It's a couple years old, so you could pick it up for 10 bucks... but right now it's more fun for me to play then any other PC game I have.


Dungeon Siege is a very good choice.


MIKESMITH00: Yep, good point. That's one trend I hate about that 3D Gaming industry. Big big graphics, fatware (tons of space required), NO PERFORMANCE.

Call me old fashioned, and that's one the reason I like old games, applications were smaller and more PERFORMANT. Take Warcraft2 VS 3. I am sure the W2 game 'turned' (loads faster, quickness of scrolling, character image/sound response time) a lot quicker (sytem response time) on a 32 megs Win95 PC than W3 on win2000 733MHz P3 with 384 Megs of RAM.

In short, hardware was expensive and limited, and coders had to OPTIMIZE. Now, it just seems like 'fill in more no performance graphic details' that just slows down the gaming feel and fuck performance.

Compare gamespeeds of Unreal 2 (on a new machine) VS Doom/Duke Nukem (on an old machine). The old seems closer to 'hardware expected' performance than the new. I tried Hulk on my new PC. No way my PC can match that hardware that costs 10 times cheaper. Back then, the difference wass less obvious.

Enough rant. Thanks! =0)


Dan I been hooked on DII for way to long. I had to quit for six months becuase I was blowing off work to play.
I'm back on now trying hard not to become a junkie again :slight_smile:


PHATMAN: I share the pain. I just bought the whole kit. ;0)

I'll just have to cut on movies for a while to repay it (at 7-12$ a flick, that should be done relatively soon). (This rationalization is pure Behavioral Economics at work, ehehe).

I look forward to many hours of fun trying to get to the Hell level. I'll try the new characters, and most probably the Assasin.

After that small goal, I pray that Fantasy Star Online will not be available on the PC, or that I do not start looking for Sega Emulators. ;0)


what about half-life?


And, thanks to the recommendations, I will also consider all other alternative choices. Thanks everyone!


They're making Phantasy Star Online for the computer? Oh dayum, even though the one for the dreamcast sucked, it was still fun to play with friends.


I just got a new grahics card for my computer and it came with a few games. I really got into Morrowind, it's an rpg from a first person perspective. You can also view from third person, but I really like the first person aspect. The graphics are in realistic breathtaking 3d. I am constantly blown away by the view as I come tromping over a hill and look down on a huge city partially hidden by fog and rainfall and the flash and rumble of lightning on the horizon. Friggin awesome, and the first person aspect is pretty sweet as far as the whole effect of jumping and dodgeing fireballs being cast at you or levitating to a ledge to pick off your enemies with your bow. The magic system works exactly the way I imagined it would if magic were real. You can pay mages over at the old mages guild to make spells and scrolls to your specifications and you can even capture monsters souls in soul gems when you kill them and have an enchanter use the gem to power enchantments on your weapons and armor. It's also immense, so be sure to have alot of time on your hands. I have spent about 100 hours on it so far and I have only explored a tenth of the map. It's a pretty amazing game.


I have a nice turn for this thread!!! Yes I'm highjacking it. Muahahahah. Anyways. If you could make your own game or improve one what would you do?

I think I would make a game called Extreme Violence. Super bullet time martial arts...and mega weapons..first person shooting...hell lets throw in some spells and mutant powers. Then lets fight monsters and ninjas and cocaine powered cyborgs with nail guns and hatchets. Vitally important is absolutely no story. Just play and blow the living fuck out of anything that moves even one pixal on the screen. Even shoot the motherfucking air as is moves...even if you can't see it just start fucking shooting. Die die die!!! Okay you get the idea. A non-thinking game with many options on how to kill your friends. Virtually of course. Ah sweet sweet violence. And remember folks Violence isn't the problem...it's the solution. :wink:


Hey Arcane, they allready have that, it's called Unreal Tournament...


Forrester - I LOVED MORROWIND!!! I had it for xbox and it seriously wasted at least 2 months of my life. I barely did anything, and all I thought about was how to do more stuff on it. That game was easily the best 1st person RPG I've played that's not all violence oriented. Very open ended. I loved it.


I guess. But that is sissy compared to what I want. One we need martial arts in the game. More nasty weapons. And like Gore you need different characters. :slight_smile:


AC, just go online and download a bunch of different Mods. That game engine is capable of anything you can dream up, and the IT kids are cranking out anything and everything at home with the editor. Download some fan made boards and mods, there are millions of them and some will even freak you out. I had a bunch at one time but my old HD crashed, It had Homer simpson skins, with his voice and sayings from the impsons, a ton of other crazy skins, spiderman, darth maal, etc. You can get a Dr. Stangelove mod for the big nuke mssile and ride it around on a board where there is alot of open sky, just watch out the other players shoot it and you get vaporized. I got a mod that doubled and tripled the number shots per barrel on any given weapon. Just too much stuff to list, it got kinda insane with all the weird variations. You should also check out RUNE, you can get it for like $10 on amazon, poorly promoted, but fun as hell. You play a nordic warrior, it uses the same game engine as Unreal but was programmed for hack and slash swordplay and crap, cool fight moves and stuff, oh and you can play multiplayer headball. You hunt down your friends, chop thier heads off and throw them through a goal to score points. You should definitely check it out if you like gory violence.


JWright, yah morrowind is a serious time thief. You sit down for a few minutes to run an errand for the thieves guild and the next thing you know you are halfway accross the continent totally side tracked (or lost) because you found a cool looking dwemer ruin and decided to explore, then had to teleport out and sell off your loot and got sidetracked by some alternate mision etc... That game is just immense, so much to do, and so many possibilities.