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Diabetic on Insulin, Concerned About Palumboism

I am a type one diabetic which means my pancreas does not produce any insulin at all and I have to take insulin myself. I have read that one of the theories on what causes palumboism is insulin usage. The thought of this scares me and I was wondering if this meant I was doomed to have palumboism

Are you also 300+ lbs lean, taking many other performance enhancing drugs, and been training for 20+ years?

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It’s alright. I managed to reverse the effects of Palumboism by turning vegan. It’s really amazing. Now I can even see people"s auras! Mine is purple.

No I use no other drugs, I’m 211lbs and I’m 16. And I’m not interested in becoming vegan btw

You should be injecting amounts that are similar to what a non diabetic produces naturally to manage their blood sugar.

Since you inject subcutaneously, you cent end up with fat flaps around injection sites after years-possibly exacerbated by pump usage. Cycle your locations as much as possible and if you use a pump, move it around too-arm, thigh, lower back, delts, abdomen etc.

What is your daily dose from all kinds of insulin, how long have you had diabetes and what is your weight?