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Diabetic lactic acid training

I have a friend who is doing meltdown training and is an insulin dependent diabetic. I understand what should happen to blood glucose levels in theory, but does anyone have any practical experience. His specific question was: when blood lactate levels rise to 20 mmol/l, what’s going on with blood glucose levels? His current BG level was 150. Should he eat a power bar before his workout as he does before he plays beach v-ball?

hey bro … blood lactate has absolutely zero effect on blood glucose levels … but working out and doing meltdown training will make his blood sugars drop , i mean power lifting and weight training wont make it drop as much but meltdown training w/ all of its sets to near muscular failure will make it drop … the best thing i have found to take as far as sugar to 3Dspace:weight are those pocket goo things runners take bc i hate drinking cokes and having it slosh around …