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Diabetic in Remission, Fat Loss Diet


was on insulin got of, lost weight w/ low GI diet went down from a bulky 240 to 218,9 months later still 218 of insulin around 15% BF, try for 9% BF.not looking for quick fix,low carb tough because need to keep blood sugar constant with {low GI] carbs.looking for some ideas ,macros , high pro ex… seemed to have staled


Well first, you need to be in a calorie deficit to loose weight regardless so track your calories and if your not loosing, your simply eating too many calories. As for macros, I’d really recommend just keto rather than low carb. I feel much better running on ketones rather than that fatigued low carb feeling. Excess protein is pointless just get about .8 gram per lean body mass, and put those other calories to good use. Good luck bro