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Diabetic Bodybuilders


Does anyone know of any diabetic bodybuilders that do contests? (Type 1 diabetics)

Or for that matter just anyone that is diabetic and is into bodybuilding/weightlifing/power lifting?


I am a type 1 diabetic who is obsessively (a lot of the time) into weightlifting.


<------- Type I diabetic that's obsessed with weightlifting. Geez, there was a Type I diabetic that was at least a semi-pro bodybuilder (possibly a pro) that I was reading about a few years ago. I just can't bring his name to mind.


In the 80's-early 90's there was a guy named Tim Belknap[or something similar]that was diabetic. I'm sure if you googled his name somethin would come up.


Here's a thread worth reading through, from last month on the same topic.:

Note the picture of Tim Belknap, in one of the posts at the bottom, presented by a clever member here who has very good triceps (eh, I gotta be happy with what I got).