Diabetic Adding Tren for Fat Loss?

I’m sure that I am posting this in the wrong spot, but I am over 35 and lift, so… I been on TRT for a while, 19 months roughly. I started weight training during this time too. I’m at a point where I am pretty much done with any gains physically received from the TRT, which wasn’t why I personally started it in the first place. With that said, I was curious about personal information regarding Tren. What I am wanting is to lose more body fat. Everything I have read regarding tren is that it is good at this, and I have plenty to lose. So, here are my questions, that I hope a few more experienced peeps can weigh in on.

  1. Is it good for my goal of a faster reduction in body fat?
  2. Will it raise my T-Levels? Those get measured and would reduce the trt amount, 300mg, so more curious than anything.
  3. Are gains kept after ending a Tren cycle? Please understand that I am not trying to do anything but recomp my physique, so those are the gains I am referencing. Would I love to be able to squat a horse and deadlift a cow, sure, but that isn’t my goal.
  4. How does it effect diabetes? This was partly why I wanted to do TRT and start an exercise routine along with diet changes. I wanted to get that under control and minimize the medications that I take (controlled w/ pills currently, no insulin), or at all. Body fat is the main contributor to Type 2.

Anything anyone can offer to those, I will be grateful. I’m trying to decide if the reward, is worth the risk.

I’ll say up front, if health is a concern, do not fool with Tren. It is harsh, your lipid profile will likely take a beating, and you will have a great deal of trouble with cardio. The better option is be patient, do cardio, and plan out your eating. The fat will come off, be patient. Tren can do very bad things to you and is not worth the risk for normal guys. Maybe if you’re trying to be a professional bodybuilder it’s worth the cost, but otherwise it’s pretty toxic and bad for your lifespan.


Tren and diabetes don’t go together. It will also destroy your blood work. Some already lean people go hypo on it. It won’t change test levels, but lipids, liver and kidney values will most likely be terrible.

You should just cut while on your high trt dose. I don’t think your gains are gone yet.

Tren should be the last item you consider if you go down the road of using more steroids.

To me, tren only makes sense if greatness can be achieved. Getting a pro card in bodybuilding or strongman, setting a world record in powerlifting. There are so many things that work well (not as well as tren, but pretty damn well without nearly the negatives), that using it just doesn’t make sense for 99 percent of gym rats. I know some who use it, but they are that 1 percent (stuff like benching 600 lbs, squatting over 900, and deadlifting over 900, not all the same person for these lifts). Do you fall in that category?

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How do you know you are done with any physical benefits from actual trt? ( rhetorical question)

No offense ment towards you based off the short lived log you posted. Your actually knowledge base regarding programming and nutrition is lacking. Which tells me you should stay clear of Tren.

exactly…19 months of training and he is at the point where he is pretty much done with any gains… become huge is a marathon, not a fucking sprint !

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Well not to mention it comes across that health seems to be the primary motivation for him. Plus factoring in he obviously has preexisting health issues. The notion of adding something like Tren in the mix seems insane. @swanny1225 . so your motivation factor is the hope to loose more body fat? Using Tren for you is equal to burning down your house because you saw a mouse when all you needed was a trap.

You would be better served seeking out a professional to help with your programming and nutrition.

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Thank you all very much! I’m by no means semi-knowledgeable, which is why I asked it to begin with. The reason for the half done log, was/is primarily COVID. I’m still hitting everything as often as possible, but with how I am working and the hours I am working it’s not giving me the time I used to have. As far as the gains I expected, or thought was done, was due to some things that I have read, I don’t believe here but in other spots from some of the posted studies done. Believe me when I say, I am not arguing with anything you guys have said. I know where my knowledge is, so I take it very constructively, sincerely!