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I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a couple months ago, and so far, it hasn’t interfered too much with my life. I still hit the gym every other day, and I’m currently on Mag-10. Here’s the catch: the endochronologist I see told me to take my long-term insulin shots at night. This means, if I don’t want my blood sugar to drop drastically low by morning, I have to eat a full meal right before I go to bed! While my body proceeds to use up the carbs overnight, all the fats that I ingest just sit there until 8 am. I have noticed an increase in body fat around my abdomen, and it’s pissing me off. Speaking of fat, even if I get my bf% back down to where it used to be (about 8%), it becomes harder to give myself injections. If you hit muscle, it bruises and you can’t inject in that site for about 2 weeks. Are there any other diabetic weightlifters who have to deal with these problems too? Any on the pump? Thanks.

You might want to take this over to the T/N section. I have no help to give you, sorry.