Diabetes Type 2 & Training

Hey there.

Firstly, thanks to all the posters who give their time and energy to this forum. Your contributions are invaluable. A friend has asked me to help with his workout programme. He has Type 2 diabetes and weighs 205 at 5’11".

His training at the moment is all aerobic.(Three 45 min sessions a week) I have suggested he get into lifting and he is keen to start. Is there anyone out there who has trained soemone in this position. I have suggested a whole body programme three times per week to start. T-Dawg 2 looks like it would fit the bill without messing up his blood sugars.

All input gratefully recieved.


PS I have no idea why this post says I’m in Switzerland! I’m in the UK.

I have worked with a number of diabetic clients - both type one and two and the main purpose of training for this kind of client is management of blood glucose levels. This calls for resistance training every other day (to maximise and utilize the insulin like effect of exercise).

CV should be included but more for its positive health benefits than as a long term weight management tool. General reecomendation is low impact CV beacause of the possibility of nerve damage in peripheral limbs. CV will help increase circulation and lower risk of CHD - both long term complications of diabetes.

As for diet - it makes perfect sense to limit carbohydrate (cho) intake but don’t do anything too extreem…a diabetics endocrine/exocrine system is already a bit skewed. I would suggest using cho of a low GI (Say below 60) except immediatly post workout when high GI will speed recovery. Get your friend to quit white bread, white potatos, white rice, sugar (in fact any “white” processed wheat or startch products) as this will lower blood glucoses levels noticably).

Also get him to restrict coffee, tea and cola as they all increase insulin resistance.

It is very important your friend remains active and keeps his BF % within healthy perameters as this will help increase his insulin sensitivity.

Any more help needed? PM me.

PS Although I now live in Cyprus I lived in the UK for 35 years.

Thanks for the input. Will PM with more info. All other responses gratefully recieved.