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Diabetes + Superfood

I am a type 2 diabetic which I control with diet and exercise. I used to take 5 pills a day to control it and then decided that I would and could do it myself.

My question is about the superfood. As I am woefully lacking in vegetables and fruits as I stay on a very low carb diet to control the diabetes, will the superfood raise my blood sugar.

When I eat fruits my blood sugar soars and I realize that there is no added sweetner, but the fructose causes the problems.

Any help would be much appreciated

increase veggie intake

but it sounds like superfood would be a great addition for you

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Thanks for your reply, I will try it and see if it works, I monitor my blood sugar quite religiously so I will be able to tell if it affects me at all.

You should be fine.

While Superfood has the antioxidant capability of 10-12 average servings of fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t have the sugars of 10-12 servings of vegetables.

If in doubt, put it in your protein shake or mix it up in yogurt, soup, etc.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I don’t think Superfood contains any significant calories, meaning that it would be unable to raise your blood sugar.

I too think it should be a worthy solution to your nutritional issues.

If in doubt, begin with a 1/4 dose, and monitor yourself.


Artificial sweeteners in diet colas also contain no calories, but have been shown to have some effect on blood sugar. That being said, I doubt that Superfood would carry the same issues. Taking Superfood is more akin to taking a multivitamin, albeit a, er, super one.

Still, it’s probably best to run it by a doc, keeping in mind that he might not understand the entire issue. Nonetheless, he should be able to give you a better idea about what effects you might be looking at.

Thanks so much for all the input, I will be ordering some tomorrow morning! Most doctors still do not have the concept down that low carb is the way to go for bringing your blood sugar down as well as bringing your triglycerides in line.

As I mentioned, 9 years ago I took 5 pills a day and my blood sugar was still not in line. Went to the low carb lifestyle and within 6 weeks was no longer needing the pills.

Also before LC my triglycerides were out of control at 300 again after just 6 weeks it was down to 99.

The medical community is little by little coming on board realizing the benefits of lowering your carb intake.

Superfood sounds like a perfect supplement for me!

As a type 2, I have zero trouble with an vegatables. Superfood should be good for us. Incidently a lady friend is/was type 2, after 6 months of Curves for women(a 30 minute circuit training for women) dropped 40 lbs in 6 months, coupled with a vegan diet. Now takes no medications. This is what I am using to remotivate myself.

I took my blood sugar from routinely over 500 to normal in 6-8 months with no drugs at all through training and diet and it’s been normal 99% of the time since. I’m with TC. If you have any doubts mix it in your shakes or with a meal and I’d be shocked if was anything but beneficial.

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I lost 100 lbs on the low carb lifestyle and exercise, I am a slow loser took me 3 years to do it. But when it is all said and done it worked great.

In shape and feeling much better

Vegetables like corn, peas, potato all causes spikes in blood sugar for me. So I am waiting not so patiently on the Superfood to arrive :o)

I have not experienced any effect of blood sugar fluctuations due to diet soda, although I drink a lot of other things besides soda such as water, sugar free koolaid (mmmm cherry is my fav) arizona diet green tea with ginseng. All work well for me.

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