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Diabetes and bodybuilding

I would be curious to hear from other bodybuilders who are diabetic. I’m interested to hear what has worked best for you as far as routines and diet.

41 Years old
CHEST 48", Arms 19", Waist 33", Weight 214lbs.
10-11% BF.

I routinely follow a low carb diet and am currently into week 6 of the Upper body program by Ian King. I started out pretty muscular, but have made really good gains in size and definition over the past few weeks.

My problem has been getting rid of that last bit of fat covering my abs. Any suggestions or inspiration would be great.

I actually have the opp. problem. I am hypoglycemic, which makes low carb diets pretty hard to do. I have to moniter my BGL pretty regularly, and just make sure I don’t go into a coma (I am often @20-30, and that scares my doc a bit). It is pretty tough, but it actually sends me into ketosis fairly quickly (obviously). Is it tough for you to get into ketosis?
I am 23, 196#, with a 31in waist and 50in chest, not sure about bf%, I just depend on the mirror, so I know I still have a way to go.
All having blood glucose abnormalities means, is you have to watch you diet closer. That is not a bad thing. When you have gains, they also come harder, and that should give you all of the insperation you need.

Shawn W, my carb intake is at about 20-30g a day. I’m pretty strict with my diet and exercise so I keep my diabetes well under control. If I stray even a little bit I can have dramatic weight changes, so I’ve just learned to live with a strict diet. I haven’t ever tried a zero carb diet, but am thinking of doing this to get that last bit of fat off around my mid-section.