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Diabetes... A Good Side?


I have a really good friend who is a diabetic, he's on the wrestling team with me, and today after practice, I was talking to him about my plans for summer about my weight lifting schedule. Upon me mentioning something about supplements, he replied," Man, I don't take supplements, I'm all natural." This fairly well shocked me, because I've seen him lift before, not very good exercises for power or strength, and he follows the routine of our stupid weightlifting coach. Could the extra insulin taken because of diabetes have any effect?


Genetics and a good diet (a diabetics diet is equivalent to the T-Dawg diet)


I'm a little confused because, in reading your post, I don't see anything mentioning what he has that is good. Is his build fantastic? Is he tossing around some sick weight? Even if all of this was true, there aren't any good effects to being diabetic - how could there be to a disease where your body's blood sugar is completely out of whack and you need to supplement insulin just to keep things well-regulated? I am clearly not a MD, so I would leave the detailed analysis to them... but it ain't good.


A diabetic is using insulin for the same purpose a non-diabetic is...to cover the food they eat to mantain blood suagr levels. The only difference is that a non-diabetics body produces the insulin while a diabetic has to inject it. BTW, I have been a type-1 diabetic for 18 years.


To elaborate, he is 'tossing some sick weight' as you put it.


I study I saw regarding insulin (unfortunatly it was an animal study) Showed the diebetic subjects lower results unless it was administered at a level that was greater then what would be considered a baseline... I need to go look this up but I do believe this was in regards to muscle hypertrophy.