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Doesn anybody of you guys know if Di-Indolin is any good? It is supposed to be an estrogen blocker more effective than Chrysin.

From what i understand, this is how it works. Chrysin is an aromatase inhibitor, which, barring bio-availability problems, would help lower the amount of Testosterone converted to Estradiol. DIM on the other hand seems to increase the metabolism of Estrone into weaker estrogens that are excreted. What this all boils down to: 1)neither of these “block” estrogen in the sense of an estrogen antagonist 2)they work through different pathways, and thus cant be compared directly 3)chrysin may have some merit but isnt absorbed well and is therefore ineffective 4)the theory behind DIM just doesnt pan out

Di Indolin is suppose to convert potent estrogens to less potent. I think Mr. Patterson said that it may do the same to testosterone. You check the back issues

No, it hasn’t really proved to be effective. Seems this is the case with all OTC estrogen blockers.

Thanks for the info, guys! You have just saved me $30 or so :).