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Di Caprio as tough guy?

Leonardo diCaprio excuse the spelling as a tough guy in “Gangs of New York”?
You have got to be kidding me, couldn’t they find someone more buff than that, PPPPPLEASE! What a WUSS go to the gym you scrawny little shit. I don’t care how good a actor he is you are not going convince me he is a tough guy in this movie. Get a t-man for fucks sake!

Brad Pitt at least in “fightclub” transform his physique I bet you theres no bare chest shots, hey I ain’t gay. But come on guys what do you think?

I thought he was a good pick for the movie. As a young orphan in the 1800’s in NYC he wouldn’t exactly have had access to a Gold’s membership and d-bol.

In my opinion, it was actually his best film.

I agree that DiCaprio is a wuss among wussies.

However, one of my pet peeves is seeing these historical pieces where the hero is obviously weight-trained … and the odds are SOOOOOooooo long against anyone from that time being involved in bbing that it becomes totally unbelieveable. Having someone beefy is fine. Having someone built like Vin Diesel is not.

'Sides, Daniel Day Lewis OWNS that movie. You won’t even notice DiCaprio.

Kinda like Eminem as a tough guy on that one magazine cover.

So what?

I agree with char-dawg - Daniel Day Lewis steals the spotlight in that movie. Its a shame he isnt involved in more projects.

Remember when it was 1800’s I doubt it if anyone work-out w/ weight then… And movie producer wants a big name in the picture. So who better then Dicapro. I thought this was his best acting yet… I agree w/ the rest though Dainel Day Lewis did steal the show!

Actually, I think that DDL is smart for not being in a lot more projects. I think he’ll just pick and choose the best pictures and do them. That way he’s known as a great actor not just a actor…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the slums of late 19th cent. NYC had little access to free weights, LC Grow and D-bol.

I second Char as well: Lewis’s performance is exceptional. One of the best ever.

Di Caprio’s best performance is in “Catch Me If You Can”. He shines most when he’s portraying a smug, self-assured, cocky and charming character. And that’s what he is in that movie.
He’s not a STRONG dramatic actor - even though he was brilliant in “Gilbert Grape”. However, you put him next to an actor of such quality as Daniel Day-Lewis, and he gets lost. Day-Lewis has taken a sabbatical of sorts from acting to concentrate on his family/private life. He’s done this before. Took time off and began acting again in '92.
Since the Oscar noms have been announced, I’ll say this: Day-Lewis is a shoe-in for Best Actor. I want Christopher Walken for Best Supporting Actor. “Hero” for Best Foreign Language Film. LoTR to win ALL technical awards. “Chicago” will win Best Picture. Best Director is Scorsese’s to LOSE. So, he’ll WIN. Finally. Even though he should have won for Raging Bull or Goodfellows. GONY ain’t his best. By far.
Spirited Away should win for Best Animated Feature. Period.
That’s all I’ve got to say so far. I ain’t even gonna touch the Best Actress. Tough field.