DHT vs. No DHT

Say you take two professional bodybuilders, neither of whom have used steriods. BBer 1 is prone to MPB so he is started on high dose deca, dbol, test, etc. always with a 5alpha inhibitor.

BBer 2 is not prone to MPB. He starts high DHT compounds like test, tren, etc. never with a 5alpha inhibitor.

After 10 years of this, will the two bodybuilders have different results in terms of muscle growth? Will they have developed different side effects? For example BBer2, I’m guessing, would have more severe BPH, higher blood pressure, and would be completely bald if he carried the BPH gene.

DHT or highly androgenic gear have a few very observable effects on my body, like counteracting estrogens, giving me better strength gains, and give me a much drier, leaner, meaner look. Well, and obviously hair loss.

I think this would translate to everyone else somewhat.